Vermeer D100x140 S3 20'

There is no substitute for downhole power. With a maximum rotary torque output of 14,000 ft-lb (18,981.5 Nm) and rotational speeds up to 203 rpm, the D100x140 S3 Navigator® horizontal directional drill offers an exceptional one-two punch in response to your most challenging projects. To get you there and back, select between 15’ (4.6 m) or 20’ (6.1 m) lengths of 3.5” (8.9 cm) Firestick® drill rod. Consider the 15’ (4.6 m) to minimize your footprint, while selecting 20’ (6.1 m) will offer increased onboard rod carrying capacity.

Need skilled HDD operators?

  • With consideration to ease of use and safety, the D100x140 stackable rod box design allows additional rod to be loaded via the upper rod box. When matched with the optional onboard crane, no additional support equipment is required to load additional rod.
  • The D100x140 is available with a wireless remote-controlled knuckle boom crane. At maximum reach of 19.5’ (6 m), the crane has a rated capacity of 3970 lb (1800.8 kg).
  • State-of-the-art dual displays offer easy visibility to a wide range of machine performance, diagnostic and drilling information.
  • Equipped with angled, true open-top vises with an 8” (20.3 cm) opening, the D100x140 offers good operator visibility during rod makeup/breakout. The true open-top design accommodates mud motors and other large tooling. Responsive and powerful clamping and breakout actions can boost cycle time efficiency.
Length (Minimum Transport) 410 " 1041.4 cm
Width (Minimum Transport) 100 " 254 cm
Width (With Cab, Minimum Transport) 100 " 254 cm
Height (Minimum Transport) 136 " 345.4 cm
Height (With Cab) 136 " 345.4 cm
Weight 57220 lbs 25954.6 kg
Weight (Cab Option) 57220 lbs 25954.6 kg
Angle of Approach 18 deg
Make and Model CAT
Fuel Type Ultra low sulfur diesel
Maximum Engine RPM 2200 rpm
Gross Horsepower 275 hp 205.1 kw
Aspiration Twin turbocharged
Max Fuel Consumption 15 gph 56.8 lph
Maximum Operating Angle (Fore/Aft)* 25
Maximum Operating Angle (Left/Right)* 25
Thrust 100000 lbs 444.8 kN
Pullback 100000 lbs 444.8 kN
Maximum Carriage Speed at Maximum Engine RPM 175 ft/min 53.3 m/min
Maximum Carriage Speed in Low at Maximum Engine RPM 50 ft/min 15.2 m/min
Maximum Spindle Torque (Low at Maximum Engine RPM) 14000 ft-lb 18981.5 Nm
Maximum Spindle Torque (Medium at Maximum Engine RPM) 10500 ft-lb 14236.1 Nm
Maximum Spindle Torque (High at Maximum Engine RPM) 7000 ft-lb 9490.7 Nm
Maximum Spindle Speed at Max Engine RPM 203 rpm
Minimum Bore Diameter 6 " 15.2 cm
Maximum Ground Drive Speed at Maximum Engine RPM 2.8 mph 4.5 km/h
Automated Rod Loader Semi-automated
Noise Level at Operator's Ear 84 dB(a)
Drill Rack Angle 24 deg
Fuel Tank 120 gal 454.2 L
Hydraulic Tank 90 gal 340.7 L
Hydraulic System 120 gal 454.2 L
Maximum Flow 230 gpm 870.6 L/min
Maximum Pressure 1000 psi 68.9 bar
Brand Aplex
Maximum Flow 230 gpm 870.6 L/min
Maximum Pressure 1000 psi 68.9 bar
Brand Aplex
Maximum Flow 200 gpm 757.1 L/min
Maximum Pressure 1000 psi 68.9 bar
Brand Kerr
Maximum Lifting Capacity 5070 lbs 2299.7 kg
Maximum Lifting Capacity - Boom Extended/Max Reach 4200 lbs 1905.1 kg
Rotation 400 deg
Maximum Reach 19.5 " 49.5 cm
Optional Crane Yes
Wireless Remote Yes
Breakout System Open top vise
Drilling Lights Standard
Flow Indicator Standard
Stakedown System Optional
Cab Standard
Strike Alert Standard
Remote Lockout Standard
Operator Presence Standard