Vermeer D8x12 Navigator® Horizontal Directional Drill

Small-sized drill perfect for tight spaces and tough jobs! The D8x12 Navigator® horizontal directional drill offers innovation and brawn of a large drill with a compact body and enhanced performance of a small drill. This drill offers two rod options, straightforward controls, a narrow footprint and enhanced power with less sound disruption. It is ideal for small service installation, such as gas distribution, power, water and telecommunication networks.

Features and benefits

  • Controls with minimal electrical components, bringing you back to the basics with modern technology.
  • This drill is 8.5” (21.6 cm) narrower in width than the next sized drill in the lineup and can get through a 36” (91.4 cm) gate or fit on a narrow trailer with other jobsite essentials.
  • Low noise emission levels at the operator’s ear of 85 dBa and a guaranteed sound power of 104 dBa make this drill perfect for installing small utilizes in an urban environment with minimal disruption.
  • Equipped with a 48 hp (35.8 kW) Kohler engine, this drill offers 1200 ft-lb (1627 Nm) of spindle torque and 7850 lb (34.9 kN) of thrust/pullback.
  • Tracks offer ideal traction for operation while providing minimal ground disturbance. This track system design allows a forward ground drive speed of 2.8 mph (4.5 km/h), which is 45% faster than the leading competitor.
  • Equip your drill with either a 6’ (1.8 m) 1.66” or 1.31” (4.2 cm or 3.3 cm) Firestick® drill rod and save time on the job with 180’ (54.9 m) of on-machine rod carrying capacity.
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Length (Minimum Transport) 139 in 353.1 cm
Width (Minimum Transport) 35.5 in 90.2 cm
Height (Minimum Transport) 65 in 165.1 cm
Weight 6600 lbs 2993.7 kg
Angle of Approach 20 deg  
Make and Model Kohler KDI1903  
Fuel Type Ultra low sulfur diesel  
Maximum Engine RPM 2200 rpm  
Gross Horsepower 48 hp 35.8 kw
Aspiration Turbocharged  
Max Fuel Consumption 2.5 gph 9.5 lph
Maximum Operating Angle (Fore/Aft)* 25 deg  
Maximum Operating Angle (Left/Right)* 25 deg  
Thrust 7850 lbs 34.9 kN
Pullback 7850 lbs 34.9 kN
Maximum Carriage Speed at Maximum Engine RPM 159 ft/min 48.5 m/min
Maximum Spindle Torque (High at Maximum Engine RPM) 1200 ft-lb 1627 Nm
Maximum Spindle Speed at Max Engine RPM 182 rpm  
Minimum Bore Diameter 2.5 in 6.4 cm
Maximum Ground Drive Speed at Maximum Engine RPM 2.8 mph 4.5 km/h
Noise Level at Operator's Ear 85 dB(A)  
Guaranteed sound power (CE-rating) 104 dB(A)  
Fuel Tank 18 gal 68.1 L
Hydraulic System 25 gal 94.6 L
Maximum Flow 9 gpm 34.1 L/min
Maximum Pressure 750 psi 51.7 bar
Brand FMC  
On Board Tank Capacity 25 gal 94.6 L
Breakout System Standard hyd vise  
Drilling Lights Optional  
Stakedown System Standard  
Strike Alert Standard  
Remote Lockout Standard  
Drill Rod Thread 1.31 Firestick (#200)  
Thread Type Firestick (#200)  
Length 6 ft 1.8 m
Rod Diameter 1.31" (3.3 cm)  
Joint Inside Diameter .8 in 2 cm
Weight 18 lbs 8.2 kg
Minimum Bend Radius 57 ft 17.4 m
Drill Rod Thread 1.66 Firestick (#200)  
Thread Type Firestick (#200)  
Length 6 ft 1.8 m
Rod Diameter 1.66" (4.2 cm)  
Joint Inside Diameter .8 in 2 cm
Joint Outside Diameter 1.88" (4.8 cm)  
Weight 26 lbs 11.8 kg
Bend Radius 95.5' (29.1 m)