Vermeer RTX1250i2

The RTX1250i2 brings contractors new developments with the strong, durable legacy you have grown to expect from Vermeer. This ride-on tractor is made to help keep you productive while installing a variety of utilities, including gas, fiber, water and electric. Take advantage of the new interchangeable features offered on this machine with the option of quad tracks or tires and a variety of self-identifying intelligent attachments such as a trencher or backhoe. Use its other intelligent features to your benefit, like the onboard diagnostics and other productivity features that can help you through rough terrain and difficult installs. 

  • Improved productivity – The RTX1250i2 offers a productivity advantage with classic and newly added intelligent features like TrenchSenseTM electronic control system, EcoIdleTM engine control system, Productivity Zone and Auto Plunge.
  • Optional Remote control - Utilize an optional remote control for convenient maintenance and trailer loading and unloading.
  • Vermeer Fleet-ready - Stay in-sync with, and get optimal productivity out of, your machine by adding Vermeer Fleet telematics to this tractor.
  • Intelligent i2 attachments – The RTX1250i2 tractor is able to identify the specially equipped i2 series attachments when connected.
  • Operator comfort - The RTX1250i2 boasts a quiet ride, convenient controls and an isolated, cushioned operator’s platform. An optional, all-new climate-controlled cab is also available.
  • Power for the job - The RTX1250i2 is powered by a 127 hp (95 kW) Deutz TCD3.6L diesel engine which offers efficient power for working in difficult ground conditions. 
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Weight (basic tractor, rubber tires) 11580 lbs 5252.6 kg
Weight (basic tractor, tracks) 16160 lbs 7330.1 kg
Weight (cab, rubber tires) 12630 lbs 5728.9 kg
Weight (cab, tracks) 17180 lbs 7792.7 kg
Length (basic tractor, rubber tires) 11.6 ft 3.5 m
Length (basic tractor, tracks) 12.4 ft 3.8 m
Width (basic tractor, rubber tires) 87.5 in 222.3 cm
Width (basic tractor, tracks) 92.5 in 235 cm
Height (basic tractor, tracks) 115 in 292.1 cm
Height (cab, rubber tires) 115 in 292.1 cm
Ground Clearance (rubber tires) 13.5 in 34.3 cm
Ground Clearance (tracks) 13.5 in 34.3 cm
Angle of approach (basic tractor, rubber tires) 22 deg  
Angle of approach (basic tractor, tracks) 22 deg  
Make and Model Deutz TCD3.6L  
Gross Horsepower (Maximum) 127 hp 94.7 kw
Horsepower at Maximum RPM (Gross) 127 hp 94.7 kw
Maximum Torque 369 ft-lb 500.3 Nm
Number of Cylinders 4  
Cooling Medium Liquid  
Fuel Type Ultra-low sulfur diesel  
Emissions rating Tier 4 (Stage IV)  
Maximum forward transport speed (high) 10.2 mph 16.4 km/h
Maximum reverse transport speed (high) 10.2 mph 16.4 km/h
Maximum forward creep speed (low) 4.1 ft/min 1.2 m/min
Maximum reverse creep speed (low) 4.1 ft/min 1.2 m/min
Maximum forward transport speed (high) 10.1 mph 16.3 km/h
Maximum reverse transport speed (high) 10.1 mph 16.3 km/h
Maximum forward creep speed (low) 4.4 ft/min 1.3 m/min
Maximum reverse creep speed (low) 4.4 ft/min 1.3 m/min
Auxiliary pump capacity 17.6 gpm 66.6 L/min
Auxiliary pump relief 2500 psi 172.4 bar
Attachment pump capacity 61.8 gpm 233.9 L/min
Attachment pump relief 5510 psi 379.9 bar
Ground drive pump capacity 36.7 gpm 138.9 L/min
Ground drive pump relief 6090 psi 419.9 bar
Fuel Tank 44 gal 166.6 L
Hydraulic Tank 31.6 gal 119.6 L
Hydraulic System 35.6 gal 134.8 L
Coolant 4.9 gal 18.5 L
Display PV450 display  
Remote Control Optional