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We Buy Used Equipment 

We are currently looking to buy all makes and models of used construction, agriculture, tree care, or recycling equipment

It's Never Been Easier to Sell Equipment

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Tell us about the construction, agriculture, utility and underground, tree care, or recycling  equipment you are looking to sell. *Due to current inventory levels, we are not currently purchasing combines, planters, seeders or implements/attachments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of equipment do you buy? 

We buy most makes and models of agricultural and construction equipment, large and small. Due to inventory levels, we are not currently purchasing combines, planters, seeder or implements/attachments.

2. Do you buy attachments, trailers, and other ancillary products? 

No, not at this time.

3. How long will it take to get my offer after I submit my information? 

If all information is provided when speaking with an RDO representative, you can expect to have an offer within 48 hours.  

4. What does the selling process look like for me?

After you submit your information online, an RDO sales representative will contact you to confirm the details. They will work with the team to develop a price, which they will present to you within 72 hours.

5. Will you buy equipment with damage, dents, in need of bodywork? 

Yes. We don't usually buy "junk," but we will buy equipment that needs to be reconditioned. That being said, you must disclose the required reconditioning in both your photos and your description.

6. What is the inspection process?

The inspection procedure is determined by the location of the equipment. If the equipment is close to one of our stores, our technicians can conduct the evaluation there. If the equipment isn't close to a store, we'll have to arrange for the inspection to take place where the machine is.

7. Is your offer negotiable? 

Yes. Our offers are negotiable on a case-by-case basis. Our buying team does our best to accurately assess the value with our first offer, but we may be open to continuing the discussion. 

8. Do you need anything from me after I accept the offer? 

Yes.  We will require an invoice from you that includes the serial number of the machine as well as the selling price. We will conduct a lien search on the equipment, and any general liens discovered must be released before we can purchase it.

9. What do I need to provide to receive payment? 

We will need your wire instructions or name and address for a check to be mailed.  If payment is being sent to a bank for payoff and lien release, we’ll need written instructions confirming that arrangement.   

10. How long will it be until my bank or I receive payment? 

Once all of the necessary documents are in order, a wire payment can be made the same or next day. Check payments will be processed and mailed to you from our Fargo, ND office in 2-4 days.

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