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Managed Farm Services

Your farm operation is complex. Labor concerns, equipment needs and schedules to keep, there is so much on your plate. How can you juggle it all? Let RDO Water’s Managed Farm Services help you.

Farm Services is a package of services and equipment designed to support your operation in areas you need help.

From irrigation needs to robotic weeding, we show up with the labor and equipment to get the work done on the schedule you need. Let us remove your worries so you can focus your attention elsewhere.

Managed Farm Services is brought to you by RDO Water which brings an extensive array of services, products, and equipment to our customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Managed Farm Services?

Managed Farm Services, by RDO Water, is a package of services and options that include the labor and equipment needed to subsidize your farm’s operation. This package of services is designed to support your infrastructure of equipment and labor to help you succeed in areas where you need help.

What services are offered as part of Managed Farm Services?

  1. Custom sprinkling (installation, operation, maintenance, and retrieval and equipment)
  2. Drip tape installation, retrieval, and recycling
  3. Drip tape injection and extraction and recycling
  4. Robotic weeding
  5. Custom harvesting for corn seed

How can your farm use Managed Farm Services within your current operation?

RDO Water’s Managed Farm Services become a temporary or permanent solution to supplement your farm’s operation. We fill the gaps or provide needed expertise on a short-term or long-term basis.

Can Managed Farm Services be used to improve my farm’s operation?

Yes, it can in two ways. First, when you allow Managed Farm Services to take care of your labor and equipment needs, you can focus your time and energy on other aspects of your operation. Second, our teams are experienced and work efficiently. These teams also have access to additional resources like irrigation design experts, regulation experts and extensive equipment resources.

How can I learn more?

Simply contact any of our RDO Water store locations or fill out the form below and a RDO Water representative will contact you to discuss how we can help your farm operation today.

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