Core Values


RDO Equipment Co. lives by a strong set of principles that ensure honest, ethical and efficient service from sales to service and beyond.

When you deal with us, you are dealing with a company that has great values ingrained in every word and action. Day after day, year after year, RDO Equipment Co. strives to:

Partner with Employees

We are successful because of our people. We value our employees and do everything possible to encourage teamwork. Our valued employees work in teams to give our customers the best service possible.

Build Customers for Life

Our employees understand that building a customer for life means developing a relationship beyond the sale of a product. It’s about keeping the customer at the forefront of all business decisions, and doing everything possible to help the customer grow their business.

Create Opportunities

Our employees look for ways to continually improve—from relationships with customers to the way we do business. We’re trained to identify and take on emerging needs while solving challenges from new angles.

We Do What We Say

The people who work here keep commitments to customers and fellow employees. They have passion to do what’s right for the people who rely on them, and follow up to make sure their words are put into action.

Play to Win!

Our customers depend on exceptional service from our employees. We understand that to win, you must be passionate about doing everything possible to be successful.