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John Deere Loyalty Rewards Programs

Do you own more than one piece of John Deere equipment? Are you a member of your local Farm Bureau or other  affiliated partners? Then, you’re well on your way to getting extra equipment discounts when you sign up for the John Deere Loyalty Rewards Program.

Silver Icon

Silver Membership

No purchase necessary to start your Silver membership. As a Silver member, you’ll stay in touch with John Deere products and promotions with your Quarterly Rewards email. Enjoy a year of benefits and eligible purchases can elevate your membership.

  • Free 1-year membership
  • Quarterly member email with special offers
  • First to know about new products

Gold Icon

Gold Membership

Initial Gold membership starts automatically with first unit purchased. Gold members receive all the benefits as Silver status. Enjoy the Quarterly Rewards email, which contains coupons and information about new products. Buy a second piece of equipment during your initial Gold membership, you’ll automatically upgrade to Platinum.

  • Free 1-year membership
  • Quarterly Rewards email with special offers
  • First to know about new products

Platinum Icon

Platinum Membership

Initial Platinum membership starts automatically with 2 units purchased within 12 months. Platinum members receive the best of Rewards with access to valuable equipment discounts, special financing options, workshop products discounts, and other exclusive member-only benefits. Plus, Affiliation members can unlock even more benefits.

  • 2-year membership
  • Valuable Equipment Discounts
  • Monthly member email with exclusive offers
  • 10% Off Workshop Products
  • 10% Off

Popular John Deere Affiliates and Partners

John Deere honors many partners and affiliates. Below are some of the most common partners. To search for other available partners, visit the John Deere website


Q: How do I know if I am eligible to be a Loyalty Rewards Member?

A: You’re qualified if you make two or more purchases*, or if you belong to an affiliated partner.

Q: Are all customers eligible for Rewards?

A: Most customers are eligible for Rewards. There are a few exclusions including: Governmental purchases, Corporate Business customers, special discount purchases, Multi-Unit discount customers, CWP Associations / segment purchases, Golf retail bonus programs, competitive equipment dealers, and John Deere dealers.

Q: Does John Deere Rewards Cost Anything?

A: Rewards is free of charge and there are a variety of ways to become a member.

Q: How do I Renew my Membership?

A: Renewal depends on your current level. Silver members receive an email to renew their membership for another year. Gold and Platinum members will renew at the level of purchases made during the current membership cycle.

*For full details, see  Terms & Conditions.

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