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Introducing: MyDealer Customer Portal

4 Ways to Manage Operations in the MyDealer Customer Portal

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These days, it’s a necessity to be able to access invoices, order parts, and manage a fleet in one location, and have that information available whenever and wherever it’s needed. RDO Equipment Co. is always looking for ways to better serve customers and is excited to offer the new MyDealer customer portal.

MyDealer is a free tool that customers can access through the RDO Equipment Co. website. There’s no app to download and there are no emails to sign up for. Customers simply request a MyDealer account; those who previously took advantage of RDO Equipment Co.’s former electronic invoicing system, eServices, already have a MyDealer account set up with the same username and password. Learn a little bit more about the tool by taking a look below:

So why use MyDealer? Here are the four primary ways customers can manage their operation in the MyDealer customer portal.

Fleet Management
In the “My Equipment” section of MyDealer, customers will see all machines in their RDO Equipment Co. account. They can also add machines and manage their fleet, all within the portal.

For every piece of equipment in the system, customers can request service and add service history on a machine, update its hours, indicate when they’re ready to sell or trade the machine, and remove a machine from their account when it’s no longer in the fleet. Customers who rent machines can also view all equipment they currently have out on rent.

The fleet management functionality extends beyond existing machines in a fleet; customers looking to buy new, used, or rental machines can quickly browse available options in the “Equipment for Sale” section of the MyDealer portal.

Parts Management
Ordering parts is fast, easy, and secure through MyDealer. Parts orders are sent to and fulfilled at a customer’s assigned store, and can either be picked up or shipped.

When shopping for parts in MyDealer, customers can find and buy virtually any part RDO Equipment Co. offers by entering the part number. John Deere customers can look up parts in John Deere Parts Advisor, and then securely order within the MyDealer portal. In the event a customer needs special parts information, he or she can quickly enter a request in MyDealer for the RDO Equipment Co. Parts Support Center.

Customers can check order status, see recent parts purchases, and even create and save shopping lists for easy reference and reordering of frequently needed parts. 

Invoice Management
In the MyDealer portal, customers can view, email, or download past invoices, as well as see account balance information. Missing invoices aren’t an issue, as the option to search by date range can easily locate an invoice from any time period.

Invoice management in MyDealer is improved and much more efficient compared to eServices or paper invoicing.

My Alerts
RDO Equipment Co. is soon launching a new functionality in MyDealer. “My Alerts” will notify customers when service or repairs are completed, or when parts orders are fulfilled. In addition to finding these alerts in the “My Alerts” area of MyDealer, customers will receive alerts via text message.

MyDealer offers another way to connect with RDO Equipment Co. and houses a customer’s important operational information in one secure location, easily accessible via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Email, phone calls, and in-person interactions with RDO Equipment Co. may be the preferred communication methods of many customers and are still encouraged, along with exploring the operational advantages of MyDealer.

Watch for more updates to the MyDealer customer portal, as the RDO Equipment Co. team continues to make this a great and efficient tool that customers can use for better operations management.


About the Author
Jeff Lemna is Vice President of Customer Support at RDO Equipment Co. in Moorhead, MN.

To access account information and connect with RDO Equipment Co. through MyDealer, request a free account.