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A Day in the Life at RDO Equipment Co. – Account Manager, Chris Stanley

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Chris Stanley has been around equipment as long as he can remember. Growing up in a small farming town and working jobs in the ranching, construction, and highway paving industries since he was out of high school, he has always been drawn to equipment.

In addition to a strong background with various machines, Chris brings a unique perspective to RDO Equipment Co. As a former Vermeer directional drill operator, Chris has been on the other side of the business and knows what it’s like to be in the customer’s shoes. Now, as an Account Manager with the RDO Vermeer team in the Northwest, Chris has the opportunity to offer customers the same partnership approach he appreciated receiving when he was a customer of RDO Equipment Co.

A believer that partnerships are the most important part of his job, Chris was excited to take over the RDO Equipment Co. Instagram account and give a glimpse into what he loves about his job. As a longtime operator and supporter of Vermeer equipment, he was also eager to show off some of the machines he demos and sells every day in his life as an Account Manager.

My name is Chris Stanley. I've been with RDO Equipment Co. for just over 4 years. I ran Vermeer directional drills for 4 years before I joined RDO. . The biggest reason I took the job is because dealing with my RDO rep was different than any other vendors. There was a true partnership that started from the RDO management team, to their sales reps, then to the customer. . Now, after being part of the team it was easy to see why everything went so well when I was on the other side of the partnership as a customer. RDO has Core Values in place that push you to be the best resource you can for our customers, which is what customers need to help grow our partnerships to its highest potential. . And today, I’m going to take you along and show you how I focus on building partnerships with my customers. (#InstagramTakeOver 1/6) . . . . #teammembertakeover #RDOTakeOver #Vermeer #ProductSupport #CustomersforLife #Partnership #vermeertreecare #rdoequipment

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Partnerships are the most important part of my job. It's not just the partnership between my customers and myself, but it starts with RDO Equipment Co. giving me all the resources I need to create opportunities in my territory. . This is a new flail mower we have been trying out from Eterra. By partnering with this company, it has opened me up to a whole new market of small caliber clearing. We've been able to offer our mini skid steers to more than landscapers and arborists now. I've been showing them to golf courses, small farmers, and a few power companies that use them to do the small space easement work they have in residential neighborhoods. . (#InstagramTakeOver 2/6) . . . #TeamMemberTakeover #RDOTakeOver #Vermeer #rdoequiopment #Eterra #createopportunities #playtowin #miniskidsteer

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Demos don't always go as smooth as you plan! That's why I've always tried to spend so much of my time on job sites to learn how a real work day goes for our customers. . This customer has a ton of twisted willows that give them issues with their current chippers. We ran it through the Vermeer BC1500 so I could show them how vertical feed rollers spin and roll the log until it fits better. . Knowing specs of a machine is important, but having real life experience and knowledge of how certain wood feeds through specific machines is equally important. Staying up on both of these things together allows me to be the best resource I can be for my customers. . (#InstagramTakeOver 4/6) . . . #rdoequipment #vermeer #brushchipper #training #demo #jobsite #worksite #customersforlife #TeamMemberTakeover #RDOTakeOver

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I spend as much of my time as I can in the field to learn as much as possible. I really appreciate the fact that my customers let me slow them down to have fun with a video or pictures, and really just let me get in the way for a little bit! . It's really rewarding to see relationships grow from that first cold call to getting a phone call from a customer that wants us to come bring equipment, check out a cool job, or to have us walk the job so we can give them our opinion on which equipment would be the right choice. . Knowing our customers trust our opinion on what could help them out is exactly what I want all of our customers to take advantage of. Partnering with our customers allows us to be their biggest resource. . (#InstagramTakeOver 5/6) . . . #rdoequipment #vermeer #partnership #buildcustomersforlife #TeamMemberTakeover #RDOTakeOver #training #demo #jobsite #worksite

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Whether a new equipment demo or checking on machines with existing customers, Chris is energized to build new relationships and spend time with his customers every day. But more than sheer enjoyment, he sees his time in the field as an important part of his job, saying, “I've always tried to spend much of my time on job sites to learn how a real work day goes for our customers.”

Chris enjoyed giving RDO Equipment Co. customers, partners, and fans a peek into his day. If you missed any photos, see them all on the RDO Equipment Co. Instagram account.

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