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RDO Account Manager Sara Epps standing next to a RDO Water pickup

A Day in the Life at RDO Equipment Co. – Account Manager, Sara Epps

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From innovative new practices to tried-and-true methods used for decades, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” irrigation solution for growers these days. That’s where experts like RDO Water Account Manager, Sara Epps, come into the picture.

Armed with a degree in Agricultural Engineering and Irrigation Design, along with a lifetime of experience growing up on a family farm in Santa Maria, Sara puts her knowledge and passion to work every day for RDO Water customers in California’s Central Coast region.

Just as no two growers’ irrigation systems are exactly alike, every day in Sara’s world is a little bit different – and it’s one of many the reasons she enjoys her job and eagerly took over the RDO Equipment Co. Instagram account.

Living the RDO Equipment Co. Core Values is important to Sara and something that’s reflected in what she does every day as an Account Manager. While she may work one day in the field, another in the office, focus on maximizing crop yields for one grower, minimizing wasted water for another, one thing about Sara’s job is consistent: her day begins and ends with helping growers accomplish their unique goals.

Sara was excited to give RDO Equipment Co. customers, partners, and fans a look at what a day is like at RDO Water. See all her photos on the RDO Equipment Co. Instagram account.

Hi, my name is Sara Epps. I have been an Account Manager with RDO Water for a little over a year now. I work in Santa Maria, California where I was born and raised in a large farming family. … I knew RDO was the right fit for me when I learned about their Core Values and opportunities for their employees. My roots in the Santa Maria Valley farming community and education in Agricultural Engineering have helped make my job here at RDO a perfect fit. … I absolutely love my job and by sharing a day in my life, I hope you will see why. 1/5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #TeamMemberTakeover #RDOTakeOver #RDOWater #ProductSupport #CustomersforLife #partnership #irrigation #water #farming #agriculture #rdoequipment

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One of the biggest advantages of working for RDO is the amount of resources that are available to us. . . . We are in the middle of working with a large grower here in Santa Maria on a 100-acre trial of a newer sprinkler irrigation practice known as Certa Set. This pipe is a great alternative to aluminum sprinkler pipe and is allowing farmers to grow their crops more efficiently. . . . This pipe also allows the farmer to transplant and cultivate without the demand for laborers to move pipe in and out of the field. 2/5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #TeamMemberTakeover #RDOTakeOver #RDOWater #CustomersforLife #partnership #irrigation #water #farming #agriculture #rdoequipment #santamaria #certaset #sprinkler #farmers #crops #cultivate #laborers

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