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Day in the Life with RDO Product Specialist Tony Kramer

A Day in the Life at RDO Equipment Co. – Product Specialist, Tony Kramer

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Technology is changing the equipment industry. In the agriculture world, growers need a partner who understands both their needs and the capabilities precision technology offers to do the job better. Enter RDO Equipment Co. Ag Product Specialist, Tony Kramer.

Growing up on a family farm in rural Minnesota, and working for RDO Equipment Co. since he graduated college in 2010, Tony has watched the evolution of ag practices and technology for the last two decades. Pairing his farming roots with an understanding of precision technology and knack for explaining new solutions to growers, he’s an ideal fit with the Ag Product Specialist team.

Tony was excited to take over the RDO Equipment Co. Instagram account to show fans what one day in the life of an Ag Product Specialist is really like – a snapshot that sums up his words, “Every day is different and I love my job.”

Good morning, Instagram! I’m Tony Kramer, Product Specialist at RDO Equipment Co. Click play >>> and let’s get out there!

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One unique thing about my job is that I don’t have an office or a “home” location. I have a pickup and cover two locations. This is the Breckenridge, MN location. The other store I work with is Fergus Falls, MN. Some days, I drive all over the countryside working with both stores to take care of our customers. I may start the day helping a customer near Battle Lake, MN and then end the day helping demo a piece of equipment near Milnor, ND. Every day is different and I love that about my job. I get the opportunity to work with all types of growers, whether it’s a large cattle operation or a small grain operation. Every farm is different and at RDO Equipment Co., we build customers for life by knowing how we can serve them the best way possible.

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Data Management. This is something that is very important to me and the customers I work with. This customer decided they wanted to start collecting and utilizing agronomic data to make educated decisions for their farming operation. With the RDO Data Management service agreement, I help them from beginning to end of the season making sure they are collecting good, clean data that they can utilize to make decisions. I always say, “garbage in is garbage out.” If you don’t have useful data, it doesn’t pay to collect it. Everything from setup files to optimizing and calibrating equipment, to compiling data at the end of the year to make better decisions for next year. Data management has become a large part of the agriculture industry.

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A large portion of my job as a Product Specialist is product knowledge. We recently got delivery of our new S780 demo machine. I need to take some time to learn all the new features and benefits on this machine. It is part of my job to have as much product knowledge as possible across the entire John Deere portfolio, as well as our shortline equipment. When it comes time to demo this combine this fall, I will be there to help the Account Managers and answer any questions they are unsure of. With the amount of technology in agriculture equipment today, it is hard to remember everything. That is why we work as a team to answer questions and if we don’t know the answer we know where to find them or who to ask. The customers are usually very impressed when we show up with a demo and give them a complete run down of the equipment rather than just letting them jump in the seat and go. It amazes them with how much knowledge our people have!

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Not every day is as busy as today, but I have one last job before the day is over. I need to record some audio for a future podcast. We are always looking for new ways to inform customers of the latest industry news. Working for RDO has given me so many great opportunities and experiences, this podcast being one of them. Coming from a farming family, agriculture holds a very special place in my heart. Being able to inform, support, and work with farmers the way I do puts a smile on my face every day. The world needs agriculture to sustain and I couldn’t be prouder to be a helping hand in making sure those farmers can continue to feed the world. RDO Equipment Co. has given me that place in the agriculture industry to help provide.

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