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Vermeer Confidence Plus

Added Peace of Mind for Vermeer Equipment

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As any company owner, fleet manager, or service technician knows, having high-quality equipment is important – but it’s only one piece of the success puzzle. For a business to thrive, equipment needs to experience as little downtime as possible, making service and support equally as important as the machines themselves.

Together, RDO Equipment Co. and Vermeer offer an elevated level of service on machines – the combination of the RDO Promise along with Vermeer’s Confidence Plus Asset Protection program. Here are eight things you need to know about Vermeer’s unique program and how it combines with RDO Equipment Co. to make an impact on your company’s fleet management, uptime, and bottom line.

1. All Equipment
The Confidence Plus program is an extension in coverage above the standard Vermeer warranty. It’s available for both new and pre-owned equipment, and both purchased and leased machines.

2. Not Limited
Not only is Confidence Plus offered on all machines, it’s not limited by machine hours. Up to three years of coverage can be added and there are various options available within the program, allowing every company to tailor a plan that’s best suited to its unique needs.

3. Cost-Conscious
Parts, maintenance, time, and labor – it can really add up throughout a busy season. While expected maintenance should be easily predictable, it’s the unplanned issues that make it tricky for even seasoned fleet managers to accurately budget this crucial area. With everything covered under Confidence Plus, all costs are outlined up front for precision forecasting and no guessing.

4. Planned…
The Confidence Plus program allows for scheduled maintenance so equipment downtime can be strategically planned for as little impact on the jobsite as possible. Scheduling service also helps ensure routine care and inspections are done at recommended intervals, not pushed to the back burner as a result of busy days and long hours.

5…And Unplanned

Jobsites are unpredictable and, sometimes, things just happen with equipment. In the event of unplanned service needs, travel and diagnostics from a certified technician are included in Confidence Plus – and at no extra charge.

6. Resale Value
Not only is resale better on equipment that has been properly maintained and thoroughly cared for, the Confidence Plus program adds another attractive benefit – it transfers with the sale of a machine. The new owner receives peace of mind from knowing the machine has been taken care of, as well as remaining coverage from the program.

7. Dealer Partnership
All service under Confidence Plus is taken care of by Vermeer’s dealer partners. In the case of buying from RDO Equipment Co., this means trained, certified technicians that are experts on Vermeer machines. Best of all, the equipment is also covered by the RDO Promise, an exclusive guarantee from RDO Equipment Co. that includes everything from equipment walkarounds and new training, to loaner equipment and guaranteed response time on parts and service.

8. Exclusive Opportunities
Perhaps the biggest advantages of Vermeer Confidence Plus is that no other manufacturer offers the same level of program. Coupled with RDO Equipment Co.’s exclusive RDO Promise, also unmatched by other dealerships, and customers are left with quality machines, peace of mind, and, most important of all, more uptime on the jobsite.


About The Author
Kelly Maes is Regional Sales Manager at RDO-Vermeer in Riverside, CA.  

Learn more about Vermeer’s Confidence Plus program here or contact your local RDO Equipment Co. store.