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Bringing SEKO Feed Mixers Back to the North American Market

Bringing SEKO Feed Mixers Back to the North American Market

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RDO Equipment Co. announces a partnership with SEKO Industries to sell its feed mixers across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico for the first time since 2008. RDO is serving as both the dealer and distributor of the SEKO product line. 

SEKO offers horizontal and vertical feed mixers primarily for livestock feeding and compost management applications. Models are offered in stationary, self-propelled, and pull-type configurations, with some models featuring self-loading capabilities.

“We’re excited to bring back one of the world’s top feeder equipment brands and reintroduce these high-precision machines to North America,” Todd Thompson, General Manager of Ag Remarketing said. “This equipment aligns well for ranchers, herdsman, and dairy producers. This is an exciting new opportunity for any dealer or end-user looking to bring SEKO machines into their businesses.”

Vertical feed mixing configurations with multiple discharge options are offered in the Buffalo, Elephant, Mustang, Tiger, and Tuareg models with capacities from 247 to 1,589 cubic feet.

Patented, horizontal mixers offer precise chopping, mixing, and blending of feed ingredients in the Elephant, Leopard, Mustang, Pony, Sakura, and Samurai models with capacities from 177 to 1,059 cubic feet.

Since 2005, RDO has worked with SEKO through its international division and partnership with Agro-Construction Technology (ACT) in Russia. After a nearly 15-year absence from the North American market, SEKO was interested in bringing its products back to these countries and felt RDO would be the right choice, both as a dealer partner and a distributor.

“Not only did SEKO recognize our strength in the North American market, our companies already have a longtime, established international partnership so the fit was ideal,” Mark Kreps, Vice President of Agriculture Sales explained. “Furthermore, SEKO is a family-owned company just like RDO is a family-owned company. Our shared values and like-minded philosophies are a great match.”

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