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5 ways to use a riding lawn tractor

Five Tasks You Can Do with the Right Lawn Tractor Attachments

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Whether small or large property owner, veteran do-it-yourselfer or new to the weekend warrior life, all riding lawn mower owners have the opportunity to do more than just mow the lawn.

In fact, John Deere riding lawn tractors offer the ability to act somewhat like their bigger compact utility tractor brother; they, along with most other brands, can be paired with attachments to turn a simple riding mower into a productive tool for several lawn and garden projects.

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Here are popular tasks that can be done with a riding lawn tractor and five attachments that help them accomplish each job.  

Hauling and Moving – with a Utility Cart
Plants and shrubs. Pavers and blocks. Miscellaneous objects around the yard. With a utility cart attachment, a riding lawn tractor turns into a productive machine that hauls and moves a variety of materials.

This simple attachment can eliminate fatiguing manual labor and wheelbarrows, and serve as an easier, more efficient way to get work done around the yard. For added convenience, these carts typically offer a dumping feature.

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Weed Control – with a Sprayer
A great way to apply weed killer efficiently and effectively with a riding lawn tractor is with a sprayer attachment.

Not only do sprayers offer broadcast capabilities to cover larger areas, most also come with a targeted spraying option for spot spraying, useful in smaller areas, like in a garden.

Animal Care – with a Loader and Box Blade
Along with grass, many property owners have animals to care for. With this responsibility comes several tasks, from cleaning manure to grading dirt. Larger models of riding lawn tractors offer a front loader implement and a rear box blade attachment, which can be used for several tasks related to care and management of animals.

What’s especially nice about using a riding lawn tractor for animal management is the machine’s size. It’s large enough to work with the attachments needed, while being small enough to fit between narrow gates, stalls, and pens, and maneuver between buildings or in other tight spaces.

Mowing – with the MowerPlus App
Finally, let’s not forget a mower still should do what it does best – mow. No attachments are needed, as a riding lawn tractor is designed to mow. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t additional resources out there to help mow better and faster.

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Apps exist for numerous industries and reasons, and mowing is no exception. Those with several models of John Deere riding lawn tractors can learn more and and download the free MowerPlus app to enhance their ownership and operating experience.

The John Deere MowerPlus app offers functionality like the ability to track mower location and mowing patterns with GPS, monitor hours and get notifications when service is due, and doubles as the machine’s owner’s manual – in a much more compact, easy-to-access format. The app also includes tips for effective lawn care.

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Those looking to get more out of a riding lawn tractor have plenty of opportunities. When the right model and attachments are selected, be sure to protect the investment with full parts, service, and support from a trusted dealer partner.

RDO Equipment Co. offers complete lawn and garden equipment service, including the RDO mobile maintenance program, which brings lawn mower service right to customers’ homes, in select areas.  



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