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RDO Team celebrates 50 years at RDO

Four People, Seven Questions, and Decades of Service

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While RDO Equipment Co. is celebrating 50 years in business, it’s not the only milestone being recognized this year. Several RDO Equipment Co. team members are celebrating milestone years of their own, from 10 years to three decades with the company.

To give more of an insider’s look into what it has been like working for RDO Equipment Co. for several years, four team members were asked seven questions – and from that came comments, memories, and laughs. Click each to read their full story.

Debra McGinty – Director of Learning and Development, - FSO – Fargo, 10 years
In her decade with RDO Equipment Co., Debra has seen her department and the company grow significantly. While she has enjoyed and embraced the way things have changed throughout the years, she’s equally excited about the ways some things haven’t.

Roni Lillehaugen – General Manager, Grand Forks, 10 years
Roni can’t help but smile when she thinks about her childhood and the fun she had playing in the dirt with toy trucks – because now, she gets to work with RDO Equipment Co. customers, people who “play” in the dirt and operate heavy machinery for a living.

Joe Castillo – Regional General Manager, Desert Southwest, 20 years
Starting out working the parts warehouse, Joe experienced numerous roles at RDO Equipment Co. prior to where he is today, leading the Agriculture and RDO Water teams in the Southwest Desert region.

Greg John – Parts Manager, Fort Worth, 30 years
Unlike most team members, Greg found his way to RDO Equipment Co. through an acquisition more than 20 years ago. While he admits he was nervous back then, going from a small, three-store group to one with several dozen spread across the country, he now describes RDO Equipment Co. as a GREAT place to work.  


RDO Equipment Co. is celebrating 50 years! Learn more about our history by clicking here.