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Get to Know: Gregoire

Get to Know our Partners – Gregoire

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RDO Equipment Co. is proud to partner with nearly 150 manufacturers, ensuring customers have access to the best equipment, products, and total solutions from trusted companies.

Find out more about what these partners offer – everything from construction and agriculture machines to machine control and irrigation systems – by getting to know one of them: Gregoire.

The viticulture industry is one of agriculture’s unique areas in that much of the work is still done by hand. Gregoire is leading the shift towards mechanization. Export Sales Manager, Julien Desmaison, shares the company’s past and a look ahead at the future for vineyard growers and equipment solutions.

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Why and how did the partnership form between Gregoire and RDO Equipment Co.?
Approximately 90% of U.S. wine production is in California. When we began looking for a dealer partner that could help strengthen our sales and technical network in this key state, we knew we needed a strong partner who was already active in the area and this market segment. RDO Equipment Co. added extra value because of the team’s ability to provide exceptional service for the equipment and its technology.

Sum up Gregoire’s offerings in one sentence.
Gregorie has built its reputation on our picking head, machine reliability, and the lowest maintenance cost on the market.

What’s one of your key products or something new you’re eager to introduce?
Our team is excited about our new sorting system. The industry wants to pick fast and clean, while keeping maintenance low, and we have the solution: the Gregoire EASYclean sorting and de-stemming system. Grape cleaning is difficult so trying to make that process easy is very difficult. But we’re bringing that opportunity with the EASYclean system. It produces a 99.8% clean product, it’s easy to clean and maintain, and operational costs are reasonable.  

What’s something fun you think employees would say about working at Gregoire?
Gregoire sells all over the world. We have 200 people working together as a team, making quick decisions, and focused on staying close to our customers, all while bringing growers the best picking solution. We’re also launching new products every year, whether sprayers or harvesters, so it’s something exciting to be part of.

What’s something you’re hoping to see in the next three years?
It’s clear that new technology is bringing value to growers. This has already begun with use of GPS and onboard weighting systems, and the soon-to-come yield mapping that will allow the grower to adapt and get the best value from their vineyard in key areas: profitability, quality, and security.

Gregoire was among the first companies to provide a machine for grape harvest and, since then, has been continuing to combine innovation with practicality to provide mechanized and multi-functional equipment for the viticulture industry.

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