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Get to Know our Partners – Spudnik

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RDO Equipment Co. is proud to partner with nearly 150 manufacturers, ensuring customers have access to the best equipment, products, and total solutions from trusted companies.

Find out more about what these partners offers – everything from construction and agriculture machines to machine control and irrigation systems – by getting to know one of them: Spudnik Equipment Company.

Starting in 1958 with a single product, the Spudnik Scooper, Spudnik is now a leader in the potato industry, offering specialty equipment for planting, harvesting, and storage. Andrew Blight, Spudnik’s Sales Support / Marketing Manager, shares more about the company’s 60-year journey and some of the ways it closely mirrors that of RDO Equipment Co.

How long have Spudnik and RDO Equipment Co. been partners?
We have done business with R.D. Offutt Farms for decades and found our way to RDO Equipment Co. when our long-established partner, Evergreen Implement, was acquired by RDO Equipment Co. We work with the RDO Equipment Co. team out of the Potato Central location in Pasco, WA. It has been a great fit, RDO Equipment Co.’s has a strong background in the potato industry and many customers who are potato growers.

What industries does Spudnik serve and what types of projects are these customers working on?
Spudnik’s primary customers are potato growers and we have customers around the globe who use our machines. Our roots and history are in the potato industry, but we’ve also expanded into the sugar beet equipment arena, so that has been exciting.

Spudnik and RDO Equipment Co. have some similarities in their backgrounds – can you share that?Yes, there are quite a few similarities between our companies. Our team had been providing equipment to R.D. Offutt Farms for years and knew Ron Offutt’s background as a potato farmer. His entrepreneurial spirit is what started it all and grew RDO Equipment Co. into a global company. We see that spirit is still alive and well in RDO Equipment Co. 

Spudnik began with that same entrepreneurial spirit. Our company was founded by two brothers, Carl and Leo Hobbs, who worked in the potato industry. One day, they decided there had to be a better way to load potatoes than the slow, backbreaking process of doing it with a potato fork. This led them to create a new machine, the Spudnik Scooper, the first of its kind. Their spirit of innovation continues today as Spudnik has grown into a world-renowned leader in the potato industry. We know that innovation isn’t a single event, it’s a continual process.

What’s something exciting for Spudnik that has happened within the last 10 years?
In the past 10 years, we’ve developed many new and innovative products that have brought more value and excitement to our customers. That’s something our CEO, Rainer Borgmann, is really proud of – we offer products that make a difference, make our customers more efficient, and make them successful.   

What’s one little-known yet interesting fact about Spudnik?
Just months after the Russian satellite Sputnik was launched into space, our founders, Carl and Leo, launched Spudnik Equipment Company into the potato equipment manufacturing industry.

The Spudnik team is committed to being more than an equipment manufacturer. They strive to be a partner to farmers – and that’s one more value it has in common with RDO Equipment Co.


To learn more about Spudnik potato equipment from RDO Equipment Co., contact the RDO Equipment Co. Potato Central store in Pasco, WA. Visit the Spudnik website to learn more about the company and see its full offering of potato and sugar beet equipment.   

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