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Get to Know: Towmaster

Get to Know our Partners – Towmaster

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RDO Equipment Co. is proud to partner with nearly 150 manufacturers, ensuring customers have access to the best equipment, products, and total solutions from trusted companies.

Find out more about what these partners offers – everything from construction and agriculture machines to machine control and irrigation systems – by getting to know one of them: Towmaster.

Towmaster manufactures flatbed equipment trailers for the agriculture, construction, municipal, rental, and utility markets. Most may think a trailer is just a trailer, but in this Q&A, Shane Zeppelin, Marketing Manager, explains why that’s not the case.

How long have Towmaster and RDO Equipment Co. been partners?
Our partnership with RDO Equipment began in the early 1990s. RDO Equipment Co. offers high-quality equipment so having a high-quality trailer to offer customers along with it is a perfect complement. 

What industries does Towmaster serve and what types of projects are these customers working on?
The primary markets for Towmaster are construction and rental. These customers use equipment for various jobs ranging from highway, commercial, and residential construction to landscaping and other rental jobs.

What are a couple of your key products that serve these industries, and what makes each ideal for those customers?

Towmaster’s drop-deck trailers work perfectly for hauling skid-loaders and small excavators for construction contractors. The drop-deck tilt bed trailers are ideal for the rental industry where people can haul skid-loaders and small construction equipment and not have to worry about using a ramp.

For larger equipment, Towmaster’s deck-over trailers offer wider and longer deck space as well as heavier hauling capacity. When it comes to hauling really big equipment, our detachable gooseneck trailers fill that need.

What’s something fun employees would say about working at Towmaster?
I think there’s a great camaraderie between coworkers at Towmaster. We offer cross-training on products and jobs, so there’s always something interesting going on to keep employees engaged.

What’s one little-known yet interesting fact about Towmaster?
Towmaster is the first (and possibly still the only) trailer manufacturer that developed a smartphone app. The Towmaster app showcases the product line, includes detailed product photos, has links to our social media, and gives users the ability to share PDFs and photos directly from the app.

With a reputation for quality dating back to the early 1970s, Towmaster trailers are a great investment for customers who need a trailer to last through the long haul.


To learn more about Towmaster trailers from RDO Equipment Co., contact your local RDO Equipment Co. store. Visit the Towmaster website to see the full lineup of trailers, get the free app, and find out more about the company. 

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