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Making the grade with level best

Give Your Skid Steer a Boost with Level Best

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The skid steer. Versatile and reliable, it’s a jobsite staple, whether your business is concrete, landscaping, or general construction. For as much as this small yet mighty machine can do, imagine making it even more productive. Enter Level Best.

Specifically designed to work with the push-pull motion of skid steers, the Level Best PD Series attachment is a grading blade that essentially turns a skid steer into a high-accuracy grading machine that rivals the work of larger dozers and graders.

How It Works
The Level Best attachment works seamlessly with the on-site horizontal laser reference alongside highly-accurate satellite measurements that establish vertical reference points. The system reads the grade and makes dozens of adjustments per second, offering accuracy to 1/10 of an inch.

RDO Integrated Controls combines the Level Best attachment with the Topcon laser system, and it can also be upgraded to fully-automated 3D GPS or mmGPS. The system is compatible with most skid steers, including new and pre-owned John Deere models offered at numerous RDO Equipment Co. locations.

By pairing Level Best with proven Topcon technology, RDO Integrated Controls is bringing this unique attachment to companies looking for opportunities to diversify, save on labor, trim costs, and, ultimately, win more jobs.

Labor Savings
Level Best produces highly-accurate results and requires just one person to operate. Companies, especially those without the means to own and operate large road or motor graders, can take on projects without tying up multiple workers grading by hand.

Furthermore, the system is easy to set up, training is quick, and the Level Best attachment requires very little maintenance, saving even more time and labor on a day-to-day basis.

Perhaps the greatest advantage offered by Level Best, by adding the attachment to an existing skid steer, a company is now in position to do more grading projects or diversify into tasks outside its primary business.

One of the biggest industries RDO Integrated Controls has seen customers realizing the opportunities of Level Best are small to midsize concrete contractors. Many of these businesses don’t have the means or justification to purchase larger grading or machine control equipment, but they do have or have the means to purchase, a skid steer. Level Best allows them to do a variety of projects like concrete subgrade, curbs, sidewalks, and parking lots with just one operator and a skid steer. It also offers the opportunity to enter the machine control arena without a major investment.

Landscapers, general contractors, golf course and other sports field managers, and even farmers and large property owners are also ideal candidates for added opportunity from the Level Best attachment, as it’s ideal for projects like parks and sports fields, footings and building pads, spreading rock and gravel, and several landscape and property management tasks.

Cutting Costs
The bottom line of Level Best comes down to, well, the bottom line. In addition to trimming costs from labor savings and increasing profit potential by winning more jobs with diversification opportunities, the Level Best saves on ownership and operation costs that come with larger dozers and graders.

Furthermore, the accuracy provided by the Level Best and Topcon system eliminates costly rework. It also allows companies to better control and manage material costs.

From parking lot pads and snow management to golf course tee boxes and farming tasks, the Level Best PD Series attachment takes a productive skid steer and expands its use even further to several different projects and industries.

Not only is the system available to purchase from RDO Integrated Controls, the company offers complete after-sale support through its team of service technicians and Solutions Center. Service technicians are available for onsite help, while the Solutions Center is a Billings, MT-based team of experts offering world-class phone support, troubleshooting, and other assistance.

Find out if Level Best is the right fit for your fleet. Contact the team at RDO Integrated Controls to learn more, schedule a demo, or buy it now.