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John Deere 345G Delivers on the Jobsite

High Standards and Heavy Equipment for Pesado Construction Co.

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For most companies that operate heavy equipment, service is as much of the buying decision as features, benefits, even price. In the case of San Antonio-based Pesado Construction Co., this statement rings true, and it speaks to the company’s longtime partnership with RDO Equipment Co.

“When our company really started to grow, we wanted to work with one equipment partner, one that would provide the service and support we needed,” Shane Hutson, Vice President of Business Development, said.

Since establishing the partnership, Pesado has relied on the RDO San Antonio team for more than service, but for its complete equipment needs. From heavy machinery like loaders and backhoes to technology like GPS machine control, RDO helps Pesado maintain uptime and a competitive advantage. This was no exception in early 2018, when Pesado was looking to expand its fleet with a particular machine.

In the Trenches
Established in 1991 by Bill Hunter, Pesado began as an underground contractor specializing in duct bank construction. Since then, the company has grown and established itself as a leader in all types of civil and industrial construction.

Specialists in various underground construction projects, trench work is common on several Pesado sites. Along with digging trenches, placing trench boxes to create safe work environments is a crucial part of many projects.

The company was a fan of John Deere’s 245G excavator, as it had the capability to dig trenches, while being the right size to work within tight jobsites. In fact, Pesado has the largest fleet of 245Gs in the state of Texas. Even as good it has been for Pesado, the excavator comes with shortcomings.

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“The machines aren’t powerful enough to move trench boxes,” Shane explained. The crew had to use a separate machine to move the boxes, adding time to jobs and costs to fleet management.

Mike Young, Sales Professional at RDO in Texas, recognized this challenge and believed he had a solution: John Deere’s new 345G excavator. Larger than the 245G, it would be able to provide the power needed to move trench boxes, while the reduced tail swing and compact design meant it would still be safe to operate in tight quarters.

Mike let Pesado know about the new machine and that it could be among the first companies in the state to have it. Within 30 days of the unit arriving at RDO in San Antonio, Pesado was the new owner of the first 345G excavator in the state of Texas.

The Right Fit
“The machine’s size is ideal for the work we do,” Shane said. “It can do everything the 245G can do, plus it’ll pull the trench boxes so we don’t need another machine onsite.”

Shane also points out the reduced tail swing does make for better operation and creates a safer working environment because it’s not swinging around.

Mike shares, what he knows to be perhaps the biggest testament to Pesado’s positive experience with the 345G: “They’ve already ordered a second one!”

Service and Support
While equipment is a crucial piece to the Pesado/RDO partnership, the other half of the longtime relationship goes back to service. Pesado does most of its own preventative maintenance and basic service, then it relies on the RDO team for proactive support and planned downtime. This includes the local store, as well as team members at RDO in Moorhead, MN.

“Their fleet is connected to JDLink and our Machine Health Monitoring team in Moorhead keeps track of maintenance intervals for them, as well as alerts them when a potential issue arises,” Mike said.

Shane recalls an instance where the machine health support saved them time and potential costs, saying, “The 345G went down on the jobsite and it appeared the diesel exhaust fluid was low.”

The RDO team looked further into the issue and discovered the issue actually was with the DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) sensor – a simple part and fix they were able to coordinate quickly while saving Pesado the added time and hassle of troubleshooting.  

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Saving Time and Uptime
Aside from being able to see and fix things the team might miss, Shane appreciates the advantage of being able to strategically manage their fleet to avoid lost productivity.

“Rather than be caught off-guard in the middle of a job, we’re able to plan ahead for machine downtime to do basic maintenance or larger repairs,” he said.

With the way Pesado continues to grow and keep its team and equipment fleet busy, every minute of added uptime is valuable to the bottom line.


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