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How Vermeer Mini Skid Steers Collaborate

How Mini Skid Steers Make Other Equipment More Productive

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From safety vests and hardhats to peanut butter and jelly, some things are better together than on their own. A mini skid steer, while great on its own, works well with other machines on the jobsite and can enhance their performance.

Whether general construction, landscape, or tree care, here are four unique ways a mini skid steer collaborates with four unique machines on various types of jobsites.

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1. A Mini Skid Steer with a Brush Chipper
Arguably one of the best mini skid steer pairings is with a commercial wood chipper. A mini skid steer can feed a chipper, replacing the time and labor-intensive work of doing so by hand.

Mini skid steers offer a great combination of lift capacity and small size. They can lift heavy loads, allowing them to be productive material feeders for chippers of all sizes, and they’re narrow enough to fit through narrow gates or tight landscapes, making them ideal for small or residential properties.

2. A Mini Skid Steer with a Ready-Mix Concrete Truck
Lawn and landscapers, especially those who work on smaller projects and residential properties, can benefit from pairing a mini skid steer with a concrete mixer / ready-mix truck. This combination eliminates the need for expensive concrete pumps to transport material.

A mini skid steer, when equipped with a bucket, can haul loads of concrete. Especially on small projects and those where the concrete truck must be stationed far from the actual worksite, the mini skid steer moves concrete quickly and efficiently.

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3. A Mini Skid Steer with a Utility Plow
Utility projects, whether electric lines, water lines, or fiber-optic lines, may come with jobsites that require a smaller or more delicate footprint. A mini skid steer can work with a large utility plow to complete a job.

With the help of a plow attachment, a mini skid steer offers an efficient way to cut ground for smaller utility lines. It’s also an effective machine for utility line paths that are short in distance or that need to accommodate obstacles, such as residential areas near sidewalks. They can also be a great option for less ground disturbance, for example, an irrigation line on a golf course.

4. A Mini Skid Steer with a Trailer or Truck
When material needs to be loaded, a mini skid steer might not be the first machine that comes to mind, but it’s an effective tool for use with trailers, pickup trucks, or small dump trucks.

Vermeer mini skid steers offer a lift height of almost 90 inches. Combined with heavy-lifting capabilities, it can move everything from dirt to pavers. Its small footprint also lets it navigate sites to clean up jobsite debris to be hauled away, without getting in the way of other machines.

A mini skid steer is a handy machine to have on nearly every jobsite. Its versatility, attachments, and power-to-size ratio make it valuable on its own but it’s also a great collaborator that brings out the best in other pieces of equipment.


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