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The Backhoe's Back

How to Find a Used Backhoe and Used Attachments for Sale for Any Job

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Around the jobsite and in the equipment yard, excavators have become one of the hottest construction machines, continually growing in popularity.

But let’s not forget about the backhoe. While it has been facing stiff competition from the excavator as the most popular construction machine, the backhoe was – and still is – one of the most versatile, highly-utilized machines on the jobsite.

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Backhoes are experiencing a comeback, thanks to manufacturers’ commitment to bring better features, value, and versatility to these already-worthy machines. But even looking at used backhoes, it’s not surprising to find out this veteran staple of the construction industry isn’t going anywhere.

Backhoe Versatility
They dig and lift. They move and fill. They’re easy to move around the jobsite and easy to move from one site to another. But what truly makes the backhoe the Swiss Army knife of equipment? Versatility.

Backhoes are experiencing a comeback

Backhoes go the extra mile on the jobsite thanks to their design and attachments. This also makes a used backhoe a great investment, as there are numerous attachments that can be added to squeeze out every ounce of productivity from the machine.

Best of all, it doesn’t take a stroke of luck to find the right used backhoe and attachments needed for the job. These seven attachments provide a great mix of traditional and unique tasks that can be done with a backhoe.

Front Loader and Rear Bucket
The most common backhoe set up is a loader bucket on the front and a standard bucket on the back. The combination of these two attachments make backhoes the ideal machine for digging and moving material. For the most traditional, yet important tasks, be sure to invest in a quality loader and bucket with a used backhoe purchase.

Breaker or Hammer
Another popular backhoe attachment is a hammer. Also called a breaker, depending on what part of the country you are in, this attachment is ideal when there’s a need to break concrete or asphalt or get through frozen ground.

Multi-Function Buckets
Growing in popularity, particularly on the west coast, multi-function buckets act as a one-tool-fits-all solution for various jobsites. Not quite a grapple, the multi-function bucket’s design allows it to grab, pick up, and unload, making it useful for tasks like cleaning up jobsite debris.

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Snow Blade
Unlike excavators, backhoes can move quickly around and jobsite, as well as going site to site. When paired with a snow blade attachment, this mobility allows a backhoe to double as a snow management machine in the winter months.

Bale Spear
Backhoes aren’t just for construction jobsites. Using a bale spear attachment, a larger backhoe can easily move small hay bales around a property, opening up the backhoe’s functionality to farmers, ranchers, and large property owners who would find the machine helpful in maintaining their land and completing various tasks.

The most common backhoe set up is a loader bucket on the frontCouplers
Offered by several backhoe manufacturers, couplers allow fast and easy bucket changes on the jobsite. These are handy when the backhoe is serving its primary purpose but could be used for additional tasks. A quick swap and it goes from moving material to moving pallets or pipe around a site.

Although seven is known as a lucky number, you don’t need luck on your side to find the right used backhoe and backhoe attachments for your fleet.

While the popularity of new machines might make those a bit tougher to secure quickly, used inventory and rental fleets are abundant with backhoes and attachments, giving interested buyers a great opportunity to find and purchase one of these productivity powerhouses right now.


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