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Agriculture Technology Podcast: Precision Farming Dealer

Jack Zemlicka, Precision Farming Dealer, on the Agriculture Technology Podcast

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On every episode of this podcast, host Tony Kramer invites an industry guest for a conversation about his or her area of expertise in the field of agriculture technology – until now.

Switching things up a bit, Jack Zemlicka, host of the Precision Farming Dealer podcast, invited Product Specialist Manager, Joel Kaczynski, and Agronomist, Nate Dorsey, on his show to talk about how RDO Equipment Co. is implementing agronomics into the equipment business. Tony shares the highlights of that conversation on the latest episode of the Agriculture Technology Podcast.

To play this episode find Ep. 42 Providing UAV Services with Flight Pros in the podcast player below and select play. 

Visit the Precision Farming Dealer website to listen to the full recording of this podcast, featuring Joel and Nate’s complete conversation with Jack. And watch for the Summer issue of Precision Farming Dealer magazine to get more of Joel’s take on objectives and outcomes of in-house agronomic services.

Host Tony Kramer is a product specialist at RDO Equipment Co. To contact Tony with questions or about being a guest on the podcast, find him on Twitter at @RDOTonyK.