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5 must have gator accessories

John Deere Gator Accessories for Fall and Winter, Work and Play

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John Deere Gators are well-known as rugged, practical machines that can be used for both work and play. Gators are offered in various models so there’s one for every user and virtually any application. Going beyond that, one of the ways Gators become even more productive is with accessories.

Covering the most basic needs to more specific expectations, these five accessories are popular for Gators, especially heading into the fall and winter seasons.

LED Lighting
Because Gators can be used for a variety of chores, as well as weekend activities like hunting and fishing, they don’t follow anything resembling an 8-5 work schedule – they’re out there at the crack of dawn and it’s just as common for them still to be working as the sun sets.

John Deere Gator Accessories

Especially with natural daylight dwindling in the early morning and later evening hours this time of year, LED lights are a common accessory with every Gator purchase. Both front and rear lighting options are offered for even more flexibility and efficiency.

Brush Guards
Built to handle virtually any terrain and a variety of obstacles, Gators are often used in demanding environments. While they’re built to be durable enough to endure these challenging conditions, extra protection can be necessary for certain applications. Front and rear brush guards add this additional layer of defense.

To further enhance protection provided by brush guards, additional tubular steel guards can be added along the machine’s sides, essentially providing an exoskeleton to protect the Gator from everything including large rocks or even large animals brushing up against it.

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Gators can get into – and out of – areas where other vehicles would become stuck or inoperable. It’s not uncommon to use a Gator to pull other vehicles out of tricky situations – with the help of a winch.

Winches are popular accessories, mostly to allow the Gator to pull stuck vehicles out of these situations. They can be mounted in various ways, depending on the winch kit selected and if the Gator already has a receiver tube.   

Snow Management
In many areas of the country, it’s inevitable – snow will fall. With snow management accessories, Gators can be used by homeowners and large property owners, or contractors and municipalities to efficiently clear snow from streets, driveways, and sidewalks.

John Deere winter gator accessories

Various snow blades, as well as markers and shields, are offered to turn a Gator into a snow and ice management machine. Additionally, Gators are known for their comfortable cabs, further enhancing opportunity for year-round use even in cold, blizzard conditions. 

Seat Covers
Whether dry, dusty fall weather or cold, wet winter conditions, Gator interiors are often home to leaves, dirt, mud, and other debris. It’s no wonder seat covers are among the most popular Gator accessories.

Providing simple, yet crucial functionality of protecting seats from all the elements, seat covers are a must for nearly every operator.

With the right accessories, Gators can go from work to play and back to work again with little to no effort.


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