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2021 John Deere Mandatory StarFire Updates

John Deere StarFire 20-2 Software Update

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John Deere technology continues to improve and expand so you can get more from your farm. So does the technology that surrounds and supports the John Deere technology you find in your machines. To keep up with these changes in technology, John Deere has released the StarFireTM 20-2 software update. Most importantly, this is a mandatory update that must be performed by February 1st, 2021. This mandatory update enables John Deere StarFireTM 3000 and StarFireTM 6000 receivers to continue working and provide the next generation of technology.

There are several facts you need to be aware of to ensure your StarFireTM receivers are ready to work for you in 2021.

First, the StarFireTM iTC and John Deere Gen 2 receivers will not be capable of performing the AutoTrac functionality in 2021. These receivers will still be able to bring in WAAS signals, which may allow some yield documentation and light bar functions, however AutoTrac will not work on this signal. These receivers can be upgraded to either a StarFireTM 3000 or StarFireTM 6000 receiver to continue using the John Deere AutoTrac functionality.

Second, all StarFireTM 3000 and StarFireTM 6000 receivers will require a MANDATORY software update. This update is result of a frequency change within the GPS system. The software on these receivers require this upgrade to be compatible with the frequency change and thus be able to run AutoTrac on your John Deere machines. These updates must be performed by February 1st, 2021.

How can you get this update to your receiver completed? There are multiple ways get this done either by yourself or with the help from RDO Equipment Co.

Performing the updates yourself (Videos are available to help, see below):

  1. Navigate to and download the update for your respective display/receiver. Upload that update onto a flashdrive or compact flash card. Take the update card to the display with the receiver plugged in and update the software.

  2. You can update your receiver from the display in the machine if it is JDLink enabled over the air. Navigate to the remote updates softkey in the display menu and choose the option to update.

With the help from RDO Equipment Co.

  1. RDO Equipment Co. has flashdrives with the updates for both Gen4 and 2630 displays for purchase at the parts counter. You will only need one flashdrive to update all receivers.

  2. For a fee, we will update your receiver. Simply bring your receivers to any of the RDO stores, drop them off and we will perform the updates.

  3. We can come to you. A qualified RDO Equipment Co. employee will come to your farm and update all receivers and displays on-site. This will be billed at an hourly rate plus mileage.

  4. Lastly, if you are having a machine inspection, we can perform all updates during the process for a fee. Simply let us know you want this performed during the inspection and it will be completed.

Video’s are available to assist with the installation process.

John Deere StarFire 20-2 Software Update


John Deere StarFire 6000 Receiver Software Updates


John Deere StarFire 3000 Receiver Software Updates


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