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9 Reasons to Schedule Annual Equipment Inspections

Nine Reasons to Schedule Annual Equipment Inspections

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Every equipment professional knows the value preventative maintenance (PM) and regular, thorough inspections have on a fleet. After putting in a solid year’s worth of hard work, now is a great time for an annual inspection of every machine.

But don’t trust your equipment care to just anyone. Here are nine reasons to schedule an annual equipment inspection this winter with your trusted local dealer.

1. Broad Scope
Many local dealerships offer an annual inspection program for various types of equipment, from agriculture and construction, to environmental and underground. In addition to larger machines, some offer annual programs for machine control, paving, and other systems, as well as special opportunities for training and technology upgrades.

2. Equipment Experts
Reputable dealerships employ trained, certified equipment technicians who ensure the highest level of care is given to every machine. 

3. Skilled Specialists
Many equipment technicians specialize in a certain manufacturer, great for fleets with several machines bearing the same brand name.

4. Mix of Machines
Conversely, dealerships that employ several technicians or those who have experience working on different types of equipment offer more breadth and a unique advantage to those operating mixed fleets. 

5. Proactive Approach
The best technicians draw on experience and patters to offer a proactive approach to maintenance, making them able to spot small issues that could be the beginnings of major problems, and address them before they become serious.

6. Deep Dive
Inspections done at a reputable dealer go beyond changing oil and replacing air filters, often including in-depth looks at everything from pumps and engines, and heating and A/C systems, to testing cords and connectors, and cleaning system components.

7. In-Tune with Technology
Equipment manufacturers continue to offer new solutions to help increase productivity and reduce downtime. Technology-focused dealerships are poised to offer the latest opportunities and updates to existing machines. 

8. Record-Keeping
The attention to detail offered also includes precise, thorough records of maintenance and service, including machine history, past problems, and general PM activity.

9. Parts Support
Going beyond service, major dealerships offer a substantial inventory of parts and the ability to source and deliver them fast, thanks to relationships with major manufacturers and, often, a network of their own stores.

Avoiding unexpected equipment downtime is crucial to every company’s productivity when the busy work season is underway. Before winter ends, take the time to have your equipment inspected at a trusted, local equipment dealership.


About The Author
Jason Kreps is Telematics Support Center Manager for RDO Equipment Co. and based in Moorhead, MN.

For more information on preventative maintenance or to schedule your winter equipment inspection, call or visit your local RDO Equipment Co. store