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NDSCS Land Lab sponsors standing in front of the Kosel Family sign next to the Land Lab

North Dakota State College of Science Dedicates Agriculture Land Lab

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On Monday, June 25, North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) dedicated its new Kosel Family Agriculture Land Lab. The Land Lab, which consists of nearly 95 acres of farmland donated to the NDSCS Foundation, enables students to receive hands-on experience in the field to gain the skills needed for a career in agriculture.

RDO Equipment Co. is partnering with NDSCS and the Land Lab to provide equipment, as well as its team’s time and expertise to create educational opportunities for students. Peterson Farm Seed, a local corn and soybean seed company, is also working with NDSCS and RDO Equipment Co. on the Land Lab. The collaboration of the three companies is allowing for applied research and demonstrations, and bringing additional expertise to the students’ educational experience. Students are learning from the crops planted at the Land Lab and seeing demonstrations about multiple farming practices.

“We’re proud to have the opportunity to work with NDSCS and the Land Lab through this unique public-private partnership,” Joel Kaczyinski, RDO Equipment Co. Product Specialist Manager, said. “This allows our team to directly demonstrate the concepts of precision agriculture, and pass along the experience and learnings to NDSCS students, our customers, and the community.”

Each year, the NDSCS Agriculture Department serves 80-90 students who intend to enter production agriculture or the associated sales and service industries while obtaining their Agriculture degree. According to Craig Zimprich, NDSCS Agriculture Chair, these students are looking for hands-on experiences.

“The applied leaning and demonstrations at the Land Lab resonate with them and add to their experience,” he said. “They are also able to gain insight from business and industry representatives who are sharing their knowledge with our students.”

Watch for more news and updates about the NDSCS Agriculture Land Lab. To learn more about precision agriculture opportunities, contact your local RDO Equipment Co. store.