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RDO Equipment Provides Tractor for Mozambique Farm

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Regardless of the sale, it’s always impactful when a piece of equipment makes a difference for the people who need it. That is perhaps even more true when the customer is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of people across the world.WhatsApp Image 2019-03-08 at 9.17.39 AM

MATTER is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit with a mission to tackle some of the world’s biggest health through agriculture, nutrition, education, and access to healthcare. RDO Equipment Co. and MATTER crossed paths through a connection between Nick Kvamme, Internet Sales Manager, and a MATTER executive.

“They were looking to ship a smaller tractor overseas to assist in small-scale agriculture efforts and a move towards mechanizing a local community,” recalled Spencer Nelson, Government Account Manager.

One facet of MATTER’s efforts is assisting international partners to obtain the knowledge and tools needed to develop the agricultural practices to grow nutritional and sustainable food. The tractor they sought was meant for a farm in Mozambique aimed at improving regional agriculture.

“Nick and I found a nice unit that we thought would work within their budget and helped them with finding the right implements to ship with it,” Spencer said. “It felt cool to assist with something like that.”

The tractor fit the bill and made its way to Mozambique where it was quickly put to good use. Chris Newhouse, MATTER’s Agricultural Programs Director, shared an update from Liz, one of the farmers in Mozambique:

The tractor has been a huge blessing to our farm. We have used it every day since it arrived. Particularly for moving rock and clearing fields now planted with corn and moringa. We also used it to move fence posts that we were installing. Mario, our farm manager, has named the tractor “Reina” which means the queen because it works so gracefully! Please thank the dealership sincerely from all of us out on the machamba [Swahili for “farm”].

“RDO has the potential to make such an impact on people’s lives around the world,” Spencer said. “The thing that sets us apart is we never really say no to an opportunity, and we always try to find a solution.”

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