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TopNETlive Network Expansion with Topcon & RDO Integrated Controls

RDO Integrated Controls Grows Coverage of TopNETlive Network

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RDO Integrated Controls expands the Topcon TopNETlive network to 100% coverage of Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN. Full coverage of the F-M metro area was completed with the installation and activation of three network receiver stations.

Just over a year ago, the initial expansion of the TopNETlive network brought coverage into Minnesota and North Dakota for the first time. Since then, RDO Integrated Controls has grown the network, most recently, adding four receivers to offer 80% coverage of the Twin Cities metro area.

According to Adam Gilbertson, General Manager, the team plans to extend coverage to cities around the Fargo-Moorhead area and continue expansion across North Dakota throughout the next several weeks.

“Immediate plans include coverage for Casselton, Hawley, and Lisbon, followed by major western cities Bismarck and Minot,” he said.

TopNETlive is a network cooperative managed by Topcon Positioning Systems and its global dealer network. The unique nature of this cooperative enables clients and users the opportunity to invest in the network. Those who choose to do so receive benefits from the cooperative that enable them to recoup their initial investment in less than three years, and maintain the benefits as long as their reference stations are active in the network.

Gilbertson is proud of his team’s ongoing efforts to grow the network, the largest in the country, saying, “There isn’t another network out there with the national coverage, reliability, and accuracy in machine control as offered with TopNETlive.” He encourages anyone interested in joining the network to contact the RDO Integrated Controls team.

The Topcon TopNETlive network is both a productivity-enhancing and cost-reducing opportunity for clients and users. It’s also the most flexible network in the world, allowing users to connect to a true VRS network when available, and providing the option to select a single baseline RTK correction in an area where signal quality is degraded. Subscribers have the ability to connect quickly to a reliable network with 24/7 accessibility, and there are no bases for users to set up and localize on their own.

In addition to Minnesota and North Dakota, RDO Integrated Controls offers TopNETlive coverage in California, Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming. The added coverage builds on the existing network already established in 19 other states, making TopNETlive the largest network in the country with more than 700 reference stations.

Additional details on the Topcon TopNETlive network are available here.