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5 Reasons to Rent a Roller

Reasons to Rent a Roller for Quality Compaction

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Whether asphalt or dirt, the right roller can make a big difference in quality of compaction and overall time on the job. Rollers may not be the most popular construction machine but they’re essential to projects requiring a stable foundation.

For some companies, purchasing a roller makes sense. RDO Equipment Co. offers a large fleet of Hamm rollers and options that fit any budget, from the more price-conscious buyer to companies that want the newest machine with all the upgrades. Yet for many companies, buying isn’t the best option – rental is the smart bet.

Here are five reasons why renting a roller might be a company’s best choice.

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Single Task Focus
Unlike jobsite staples such as excavators and skid steers, rollers are not multi-purpose machines – they’re designed to do one job and do it well.

Rather than purchase a roller only to have it sit unused for long periods of time, a company can consider renting one when it’s needed in the project’s timeline.

Speaking of their focused scope of work, purchasing a machine that’s not multi-functional isn’t the best strategy for some companies, especially smaller ones that can’t afford a large fleet.

Instead of putting a chunk of cash towards purchasing a roller, rental offers a better option to obtain and pay for a designated amount of time.

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Cost Considerations
It’s no secret the country has a lot of work to do when it comes to infrastructure. The build and repair of roads is important work and isn’t likely to drop off, even with questions from the recently-signed $2 trillion infrastructure bill.

Companies looking to take on this type of work, yet don’t have the long-term outlook to justify the expense of purchasing a roller can look to rental as an option. 

Latest and Greatest
Equipment manufacturers are constantly upgrading and adding new technology features to machines. Wirtgen, for example, is one of the leaders in innovation with its Hamm rollers line. Companies looking for a roller with the latest technology opportunities will want to rent.

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The average age of a Hamm roller in RDO Equipment Co.’s large rental fleet is three years at most, which means renters have access to newer machines with the best in technology offerings. Most can be equipped with Topcon Intelligent Compaction, sold and supported by RDO Integrated Controls, offering more opportunities to have the most technologically-advanced roller on the jobsite.

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No Maintenance Worries
With a fleet of equipment to maintain on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, adding machines, even one machine, makes an impact. While not all dealerships take care of maintenance on rental machines, RDO Equipment Co. does.

Renting a roller from RDO means its team of certified technicians take care of maintenance, leaving a company’s technicians and fleet managers free to focus on the machines that are used every hour of every day. Furthermore, RDO equips all rollers with GPS for added fleet management and tracking.

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Especially with roadwork and road repair being front-and-center in U.S. infrastructure conversations, rollers are looking to be more popular than ever as companies vying for asphalt paving and maintenance jobs need them.

RDO Equipment Co. offers large rental fleet of Hamm rollers with options for delivery to a jobsite or pickup at a local store. Those looking for a Hamm roller to rent from RDO can learn more, schedule a demo, and complete a credit application online.


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Casey Bovkoon has been part of the RDO Equipment Co. team for 10 years and exclusively focused on the Wirtgen product line, including Hamm, Kleemann, and Vogele machines, since RDO first partnered with the Wirtgen Group. As Product Manager, Casey leads a team of Wirtgen equipment specialists in RDO’s Midwest region, ensuring customers receive the proper equipment, service, and support unique to the roadbuilding and paving industries.  

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