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Specialized Solutions from Manitou and Gehl

Specialty Agriculture and Construction Equipment from Manitou Group

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Many RDO Equipment Co. customers are familiar with Gehl equipment and its line of telescopic handlers, as RDO has been offering it for several years. Recently, RDO added another trusted name to its lineup of telehandlers: Manitou.

Manitou and Gehl have been under the same umbrella since Manitou’s acquisition of the company in 2008. Now, RDO customers have more opportunities to find the right telehandler or forklift for the jobsite, with both brands available.

The Equipment
Gehl and Manitou offer large telescopic handlers and forklifts for a variety of agriculture and construction applications. For customers needing a more compact telehandler, several smaller models exist in the Manitou lineup.

Lift height ranges from 13 to 58 feet, while lift capacity ranges from 4,400 up to more than 77,000 pounds.

Both Gehl and Manitou machines are known for their ergonomic, comfortable cabs. Controls are intuitive and they’re easy to operate for employees of virtually any skill level or experience. They offer four-wheel steering to work in tight spaces and navigate around jobsites.

The Applications
According to Dan Lingen, General Manager of RDO’s stores in Mankato and Rochester, MN, telehandlers and forklifts are a staple on nearly every jobsite. While he points out, “they may not be the most utilized machine or the one that’s working non-stop all day, but they’re an absolute necessity on most worksites and something our customers appreciate us offering.”

This specialty equipment is used to lift and move material – often heavy material – such as unloading concrete barriers on roadbuilding sites or pipe on pipeline projects. Most every building site uses them to lift pallets of materials to higher levels. Landscapers commonly use Gehl or Manitou equipment to transport heavy pavers and rocks, and pallets of seed or sod, while farmers and ranchers use them to move hay, feed, and other materials.

Enhancing their versatility of applications, RDO also offers a variety of attachments for Manitou and Gehl equipment including buckets, clamps, jibs, pallet forks, and sweepers.

The Differences
Terry Malingen, Ag Shortline Equipment Manager, explains the key differences in applications and performance between Gehl and Manitou equipment.

“Both move material with impressive vertical reach; their differences lie in where the material is being moved,” he said. “Manitou is a more ground-engaging tool. Gehl is more of a lift-and-place machine. Think of it as Manitou is used more in the dirt, Gehl is used more for reaching out.”

RDO is often most known as a John Deere and Vermeer dealer, but the company is proud to partner with more than 100 additional manufacturers. With Gehl and now Manitou included in its offerings, RDO is able to provide customers with trusted telehandlers and forklifts for a variety of applications.

Manitou and Gehl equipment is available at select RDO stores in Arizona, California, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Texas.


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