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Playing to win with AMS Technology

Superb Customer Service, No Matter the Machine’s Color

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For RDO Equipment Co. team members, the opportunity to build customers for life can present itself at just about any time. While many customer relationships may sprout from the sale of a machine, that’s not the only chance — RDO Equipment Co.’s vast range of service offerings, aftermarket upgrades, and support capabilities make sure of that. And as the Pasco team recently discovered, even a competitor’s machine can make for a prime opportunity to go above and beyond.

A Pasco customer approached the team, wanting to add a John Deere Agricultural Management System (AMS) to his New Holland tractor. Naturally, the team jumped at the chance to install green parts into a blue machine and agreed to take on the task.

It was no clear-cut enhancement. The bridge required to integrate John Deere and New Holland equipment didn’t exist for the model year of the customer’s tractor. The Pasco team knew they’d need some outside expertise.

Kyle Smith, AMS Field Technician, and Patrick Fluit, Account Manager, reached out to Agra-GPS, a Canadian-based company specializing in ag tech integrations, to begin engineering a custom bridge.

“The guys from Agra-GPS drove down from Canada to work on the machine with Kyle to come up with a solution,” said Jarrod Bailey, Store Manager. “After a couple days of work, they had it figured out and had the tractor up and running.”

Kyle praised Agra-GPS and the solution they were able to provide, noting that their custom bridge allowed the AMS to integrate directly into the tractor’s existing communications system, without the need for any extra bulky sensors or harnesses.

“These guys can, and will, be a huge asset for us in providing a Deere AMS solution to any customer with non-green equipment,” he said.

And while Kyle highlighted Agra-GPS’s efforts, Jarrod commended Kyle and Patrick for hitting every RDO Equipment Co. Core Value in one project.

“Kyle and Pat worked with each other, created the opportunity to integrate Deere technology into a competitor’s brand, did what they said by partnering with Agra-GPS to solve the problem, built a customer for life by fulfilling the request, and ultimately played to win by making it all happen.”


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