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3 Exciting New Features of Vermeer's Newest Drill

Three Exciting Features of Vermeer’s New Drill

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Last fall, Vermeer introduced a new drill to its lineup of HDD units for utility installation: the Vermeer D40x55DR S3 Navigator®. This fall, the Oregon RDO-Vermeer team is hosting a special Road Show with Vermeer to showcase the new unit.

The Rock the Iron Road Show will be the first opportunity for many customers to see the D40x55DR S3 Navigator. For those who are unable to attend or those simply interested in a sneak peek, here are three highlights of the new drill.

1. Dual-Rod Design
The D40x55DR S3 Navigator is Vermeer’s only drill with a dual-rod design, featuring an inner rod that provides torque to the drill bit while the outer rod offers steering capability and rotational torque for reaming. The hollow design of the inner rod encourages more air drilling fluid flow to the drill head on pilot bores and the hole operator during pullback. 

This combination provides powerful downhole cutting action and the flexibility to select the appropriate tooling, from a more diverse range of options, to best match ground conditions, even hard rock. An entire project, from pilot to pullback, can be completed with the drill.

2. Speed and Power
Not only is the D40x55DR S3 Navigator a unique option in Vermeer’s HDD lineup, it’s designed for better drilling performance than its similar predecessor model.

The unit includes a 140-horsepower John Deere diesel engine and a design to offer greater spindle speed than the previous model. It delivers 40,000 pounds of thrust/pullback and 5,500 foot-pound of rotational torque, a 10% increase in thrust and rotation compared to its predecessor.

3. Cab Comforts  
What would a new machine be without an improved operator experience? The D40x55DR S3 Navigator is built with an excavator-style cab to offer more legroom and comfort. Additional features include climate control, weatherproofing, and noise reduced to less than 80 dB(A) in-cab rating. The quieter work environment means better communication among team members, with less disturbance to neighbors of the project, business or residential.

The D40x55DR S3 Navigator is an exciting new offering in Vermeer’s HDD lineup. Learn more, watch a video of the drill in action, and register to attend the Rock the Iron Road Show by visiting this page.


About the Author
Nick Frappier is an Account Manager with RDO-Vermeer in Portland, OR.

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