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3 Popular Compact Construction Machines

Watch: Popularity of Compact Construction Equipment and John Deere’s G Series [Videos]

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Even with all the challenges that came in 2020, compact construction equipment maintained its popularity. From compact track loaders to skid steers to compact excavators, these small machines pack a powerful and productive punch.

Those three machines – compact track loaders, skid steers, and compact excavators – are three of the most common compact construction equipment machines and all are part of the John Deere G-Series lineup.

Take a look at the G-Series overview video to learn more about Deere’s full lineup of these popular powerhouse machines, then also watch special in-depth videos for each of the three machines.

Skid Steer
It would be hard to find a jobsite, whether a construction project, a roadbuilding site, even a farm, that doesn’t have a skid steer working or ready to go to work.

Watch to learn more about the Deere 318G skid steer:

Compact Track Loader
While the skid steer may be the staple of the equipment industry, the compact track loader isn’t far behind. This machine has been steadily growing in popularity and is now a favorite among operators, especially those who work on tough terrain where wheeled machines aren’t ideal.

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See performance and operation features of the Deere 317G compact track loader:

Compact Excavator
Essentially a mini version of the commonly-used excavator, this compact version holds its own in several applications. 2019 saw the compact excavator become one of the fastest-growing machines on the jobsite and the popularity continued in 2020.

Take a look at how the Deere 35G compact excavator is designed for safety and longevity:


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