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4-in-1 Buckets – How to Choose the Right Compact Construction Equipment Attachments

4-in-1 Buckets – How to Choose the Right Compact Construction Equipment Attachments

8 Mar 2022 Read time: 3 min

A 4-in-1 bucket, also referred to as a multipurpose bucket, is considered one of the most versatile attachments available today. 4-in-1 buckets are available to fit on skid steers and compact track loaders as well as compact tractors.  They’re perfect for use on construction sites and farms where workers perform many tasks but may not want to own multiple buckets designed for specific jobs. Appropriately named because it can perform the four functions of digging, scooping, dumping and bulldozing, it can also operate as a clamp used for moving large rocks, logs and tree trunks and a leveler for dirt or gravel.

How to use a 4-in-1 Bucket

The versatility of the 4-in-1 bucket comes from the two positions available for operation.

Open Position— When opened, the back of the bucket can serve as a dozer where material collects. The open position design also allows the 4-in-1 bucket to function as a grapple with a hinged open-jaw, picking up materials that couldn’t be handled with a standard bucket, or even quickly cleaning or grabbing up the last of any dirt piles instead of shoveling.

Closed Position— When operating in the closed position, a 4-in-1 bucket works like a standard bucket, with the added advantage of dumping at maximum height. The 4-in-1 can dump at maximum height because of its ability to open at the bottom to empty the contents, which is something that a standard bucket cannot do. This bottom dumping capability allows the attachment to function as a high-dump bucket. Operators can also spread materials such as dirt or gravel by opening the bottom of the bucket slightly while grading to leave a level amount of material across a designated area.

Loaders, Skid Steers and Compatible Buckets

Once you’ve determined that a 4-in-1 bucket is what meets your needs, your next decision focuses on what equipment you already own or are planning to purchase. Part of farm equipment management is looking at the work you need to do and the amount of room you will have to navigate in the workspace. A skid steer will typically perform better in compact spaces because it's a bit more maneuverable. But if you have room to navigate, you can choose any tractor or loader that suits you and your project or land. Then you need to make sure that any bucket or attachment you buy is compatible with your current or new equipment. 

The John Deere 4-in-1 bucket is compatible with all our 100-300E series loaders. Our John Deere 4-in-1 buckets are built to last with:

  • A strong frame for added durability
  • Quick and easy attachment to your equipment
  • A serrated edge for secure movement
  • Strong hinges for increased lifespan of your equipment

If you are looking for a 4-in-1 bucket for your compact skid steer or compact wheel loader, RDO Equipment also sells Bradco brand buckets with options for bolt-on side cutters and spill guards. To use the compact wheel loader, you will need to have a power Quicktach front coupler.

Talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members to find the right equipment for you and start digging, scooping, dumping and bulldozing tomorrow. 

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