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5 Things You Didn’t Know a Mini Skid Steer Could Do

5 Things You Didn’t Know a Mini Skid Steer Could Do

22 Oct 2018 Read time: 4 min

The mini skid steer. It’s small, it’s mighty, and it’s easily one of the most productive machines to have on the jobsite.

Companies across the country, from construction to landscape, and HDD to tree care, have already discovered this jobsite winner. Most people are surprised to find out how many different tasks it’s capable of doing, thanks to its size and the multitude of attachments with which it can be paired.

Here are five unexpected things a mini skid steer can do on the jobsite.

1. A Mini Skid Steer Can Mow
Not only can a mini skid steer mow, it can take down even the thickest grass and brush. How? When it’s paired with a flail mower attachment, like the ETERRA Flail Mower.

Like the mini skid steer, the flail mower attachment can be deceiving, as it’s fairly small in stature. Also like the mini skid steer, it packs a powerful punch and can easily maneuver into tight spots or areas inaccessible to larger equipment.

2. A Mini Skid Steer Can Move Logs and Brush
Again, teaming up with the right attachment makes the mini skid steer versatile and more productive. Using a log grapple, a mini can move logs and brush.

The log grapple eliminates the tedious and labor-intensive task of workers picking up and placing large logs and brush into a chipper. Additionally, the mini skid steer is more enjoyable to operate versus manually loading the chipper. This leads to fewer injuries and less fatigue. The result is a much safer and happier crew.

In addition to improving conditions and efficiencies for workers on the ground, it’s a time-saver for the arborists working in the tree. Because of the mini skid steer’s power and lift capability, there’s no need for the arborist to spend extra time trimming the tree and brush into small, more manageable pieces.

3. A Mini Skid Steer Can Lift and Load
Commonly used on landscape and tree care jobs, the mini skid steer is a productive workhorse for construction companies, too.

Vermeer’s CTX100 for example, offers a lift height of nearly 90 inches, making it capable of material handling tasks such as loading large dump trucks and other hauling vehicles. 

4. A Mini Skid Steer Can Clean, Organize, and Unclutter
When a jobsite is clean and accessible to workers in all areas, it functions at its safest and most efficient. Whether a gravel pile was dumped in the wrong spot, a pallet of sod is blocking an entrance, or debris is cluttering up the area, a mini skid steer can move things around and open the area. Because of its size, it does so without getting in the way of workers or larger machines.

This idea has also proved helpful in unexpected clean-up situations. An RDO Vermeer customer, a large wrecker/towing company, uses a mini skid steer and broom attachment combination to clean up traffic accidents. Using the machine gets the area cleared and safe for motorists quickly and with minimal traffic disruption.

Cleanliness may seem like a small detail, but obstructions can add up to a big deal if they’re hampering jobsite productivity or causing safety issues.

5. A Mini Skid Steer Can Go Where Others Can’t
Most people realize a mini skid steer is small and compact enough to go through narrow gate openings and work in other tight areas that larger machines can’t. It can be a lifesaver for projects where size is a key consideration. There are a few truly unique places mini skid steers have boldly gone where few other machines have gone before, as highlighted in these examples from RDO Vermeer customers.

A residential neighborhood required pilings replaced on several homes, which would have required an operator and equipment to get under the structure. The work area had to be small and tight to avoid disruption to residents and keep the area safe. Through creative problem-solving, the contractor found a mini skid steer to be a solution to this challenge. It was the only machine small enough to work in the narrow trench while still able to perform the task at hand.

Solar farms are known for miles of closely-spaced solar panels. One farm found a mini skid steer to be a valuable machine to have onsite for various construction and maintenance tasks, as it was the only one that could maneuver between the solar panels and fit underneath.

These are just two examples of unique ways the mini skid steer’s small size gave it a unique advantage on various jobsites.

While the mini skid steer presents several advantages, perhaps its biggest is versatility. Paired with the right attachment or used in unique situations, the mini skid steer can kick up productivity and efficiency on any jobsite.


About The Author
Chris Stanley is an Account Manager with RDO Vermeer in Eugene, OR. See his unique application videos and photos on Instagram @rdochriss.  

Find out more by visiting your local RDO Equipment Co. store.

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