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Aberdeen RDO Team Donates New Mower to DTOM Veterans Ranch

Aberdeen RDO Team Donates New Mower to DTOM Veterans Ranch

26 Apr 2022 Read time: 2 min

The RDO team in Aberdeen, SD came together to provide a new John Deere Z530R mower for the DTOM Veteran’s Ranch of Warner, SD. 

DTOM Veterans Ranch, positioned on more than 10 acres between Aberdeen and Warner, SD, offers many forms of therapy for veterans and their families. Therapy options include MSMR equine therapy, mentorship, and comradery all located in a peaceful ranch setting.

DTOM Veterans Ranch staff and volunteers, led by founder Chris Reder, mow for hours and hours each week to keep their property looking nice and welcoming for veterans and their families from across the nation.  

When Chris brought the ranch’s broken mower to the RDO service department, the outlook was grim for the old rider, which would require a substantial sum in parts and labor to rescue.

While it had been doing the job, the old mower was undersized, overtaxed and not efficient for the property. Rebuilding it simply wasn’t going to be a wise investment of time or money.

Watch more community support in action from our teams.

To solve the problem, RDO Lead Service Manager, Dustin Stieha seized the opportunity to rally the team to help provide a larger, better mower for DTOM. This would allow the staff to care for the grounds more efficiently and focus more energy on their mission of supporting veterans in need.

Dustin called Chris and told him the good news – that the RDO Aberdeen team was providing a new mower for the ranch. Chris was able to pick out a new John Deere Z530M 60” deck zero turn mower, a contribution Dustin said was a way the RDO team could help DTOM with its mission.

“The team knew we could make a difference for Chris and the DTOM crew, and we were excited to take on the goal.” he said. “I’m proud that we were able to come through like we did. We are honored to have been involved, to help the staff in even a small way to save time and provide a better experience for veterans visiting the ranch.”


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