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Bill Wadeson Celebrates 30 Years of Service

Bill Wadeson Celebrates 30 Years of Service

30 Jun 2021

Bill Wadeson, Internal Technical Communicator, celebrated 30 years of service in June.

Bill began his career as a Service Technician in the Casselton, ND RDO Equipment Co. store before transferring to Lisbon, ND shortly after his start. He spent most of his career in the Lisbon store, working as a Service Technician, Truck Driver, Service Administrator, and Service Manager, even handling Parts Manager duties for a brief span.

In 2019, Bill joined the Internal Technical Assistance Center team, where he applies his years of experience in the shop to support other Service Technicians, who utilize the ITAC team as a remote resource.

“If they need assistance, we are here to help,” Bill said.

Assistance in this setting means anything from helping diagnose a job code to aiding the escalation process with John Deere for further support. Ultimately, it is all about making the customer’s service experience as smooth and quick as possible.

Dustin Tuhy, Technical Assistance Center Manager, cited Bill and his experience as a major contributor to the development of the ITAC team as a resource. More than that, Bill is viewed as a trusted partner to his teammates.

“Bill is highly recognized across the stores in the Red River Valley,” Dustin said. “He’s known for his dedication to customer service, and that dedication is as evident as ever as he helps other technicians today. His positive attitude and willingness to assist have made an impact, and it’s not uncommon for technicians to reach out to him directly for guidance.”

As he looks back on 30 years in the business, Bill can easily recall all the jobs that went well, along with the ones that didn’t – the ones from which he was able to learn something. And it’s from those experiences that he draws a piece of advice for those just beginning in the service field.

“You will have hiccups from day to day, but you have to look at big picture and hang in there,” he said. “If you do the best you can do for the customer and the company you’re working for, they’ll take care of you.


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