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RodRadar, Innovative Digging Bucket Enhances Safety on Construction Sites

RodRadar, Innovative Digging Bucket Enhances Safety on Construction Sites

13 Jun 2023 Read time: 3 min

How helpful would it be to have an excavator digging bucket that’s capable of detecting buried utilities in seconds, enabling operators to avoid utility strikes during excavation? That’s exactly what can happen when operators utilize RodRadar’s Live Dig Radar (LDR) Excavate™ digging bucket

RodRadar, in conjunction with AMI Attachments, has selected RDO Equipment Co. to be an early integrator dealer for the innovative excavation product. RodRadar’s LDR technology is easily installed on any used or new excavator using standard industry interfaces and attachment systems. With LDR Excavate, the operator has the ability to quickly scan the ground before and during digging to identify any type of underground utilities that could put the operator at risk or cause unintended damage. 

Accurate and Easy-To-Use Technology  

“This scanning process takes seconds to perform and can be executed multiple times as the operator excavates,” said Senior Vice President of Field Technology and Innovation for RDO Equipment Co., Adam Gilbertson. “While it won’t replace the need to mark known utilities before digging, we know that often unmarked utilities create safety hazards and can lead to significant costs and downtime when impacted unintentionally. At RDO Equipment Co., we are focused on integrating technology solutions in the construction process that improve the work and improve safety on the jobsite for our customers who build America.” 

Cables and pipes carrying gas, sewage and water are forming an increasingly dense honeycomb beneath the surface. Underground utility strikes during excavation activities are responsible for dozens of deaths, hundreds of injuries and billions of dollars in damages yearly.    

Immediate Results Enable Faster and More Efficient Work 

Phil Lucoe, Business Development Manager at AMI Attachments, said, “This is a brand-new tool to precisely find the location and depth of buried utilities. While working on a jobsite, operators immediately have an accurate picture of underground utilities.” 

Designed to withstand even the harshest digging environments, LDR has proven its effectiveness through rigorous testing. This breakthrough solution enhances the safety and efficacy of digging, construction and earthworks operations, reducing costs and environmental impact. On the surface and during trenching in different soils and substrates, LDR Excavate creates a new scan with each pass, consistently identifying targets in proximity to the bucket and alerting the operator to hazards without the need for expert analysis.  

Yuval Barnea, VP Sales & Marketing of RodRadar, said, “We are very excited to be able to collaborate with RDO Equipment Co., a leading North American John Deere Dealer and solution provider, in bringing our revolutionary Live Dig Radar technology for preventing utility strikes to their customers. In partnership with AMI Attachments, we look forward to assisting the experts at RDO as they empower construction contractors to improve excavation workflows, shorten processes and increase overall safety.”  

The RodRadar, AMI Attachments and RDO Equipment Co. partnership means more safety for construction sites. RDO is now one of eight authorized dealers of RodRadar Live Dig Radar® by AMI Attachments. 

Learn more about how technology is improving job sites.  

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