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Jim Juliar Celebrates 35-year Milestone

Jim Juliar Celebrates 35-year Milestone

9 Jul 2020

The RDO Equipment Co. team in Mankato celebrated the 35-year service milestone for Jim Juliar, Lead Parts Specialist, in June. The team was joined by members of Jim’s family for lunch at the store.

Jim’s career in the equipment industry stretches back to his youth, when he initially set out to train as a technician to help his father on the family farm. He attended South Central College in Mankato and spent a few years working at ag dealerships in neighboring towns before beginning in the parts department at RDO.

“Back then, I wanted to be in service,” Jim recalled. “The parts opening became available, and I thought that might be a way to work my way into service, but I enjoyed it and ended up staying.”

Jim started in shipping and receiving, gradually started running parts, and got into washing and painting machines. He made his way to the parts counter, where he held a Parts Manager role and, today, the Lead Parts Specialist role.

As part of a tight-knit and long-tenured team in Mankato, Jim has developed strong relationships with customers, some of whom are families he’s known for most of his life. He’s witnessed customers’ businesses handed down through generations and has earned rapport with many of them.

“Over the last 35 years, Jim has more than established himself in our store,” said Kerri Courrier, Aftermarket Manager. “He is one of the first people that customers see when they walk in the door and often greets customers by their first name.”

The Mankato team has a similar rapport with one another, with some team members having spent much of their careers together.

“A lot of us started when we were in our early 20s, and we’ve had a good time working with each other,” Jim said. “When you work closely with people for that amount of time, you learn what they like and dislike, and you almost start to know what they’re thinking. It makes for smoother days, easier processes.”

For Jim, the people have been a major reason he’s built a career at RDO, but his sense of genuine connection to the larger organization has made a difference, too.

“The company is transparent toward team members, and it makes you feel involved; your thoughts and ideas are truly taken into consideration,” he said. “You really feel like part of the team and part of the company.”

In his time with RDO, Jim’s impact on customers, team members, and the overall business has been profound.

Jim has been an invaluable resource to this company,” Kerri said. “We thank him for his years of service and commitment to RDO.”

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