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John Deere 1, 2 and 3 Series Tractor Mower Decks Plus Load-n-Go Ramps

John Deere 1, 2 and 3 Series Tractor Mower Decks Plus Load-n-Go Ramps

20 Apr 2022 Read time: 4 min

There’s nothing better than warm days and lush, green grass. A perfectly manicured lawn is the best first impression you can give guests, but when it comes to keeping that beautiful lawn looking ship-shape and tidy, it’s what’s in your shed that is the real game changer. 

Compact utility tractors are popular because of their versatility and adaptability. They allow operators to tackle a wide range of tasks without purchasing multiple pieces of equipment. A compact utility tractor can be used for everything from digging and trenching to grading and hauling goods, simply by adding one or more of the hundreds of attachments available.  

However, with all the compact tractor attachments available, it’s important to remember one of the most important things when it comes to maintaining your property: a mower deck. 

There’s a mowing implement that will transform your compact utility tractor into a mowing machine based on your needs and the type of tractor you possess, and there are two primary mower attachment options: mid-mount and rear-mount mowers.   

Rear-mount mowers are typically pulled behind the tractor or are attached to the rear hitch. They’re ideal for large, open areas and are usually available with two discharge options — rear and side discharge. 

Mid-mount mower decks, on the other hand, are attached to the bottom of the compact utility tractor and are the most popular option for mowing turf and keeping grass looking professionally maintained. They’re easy to use and provide a high-quality cut no matter the terrain and can easily be maneuvered in and out of smaller areas. 

But what mower deck is right for you? 

Keep reading to see the mid-mount mower deck options available for the John Deere 1, 2, and 3 Series compact utility tractors. 

1Series Mower Deck Options 

The 1 Family of John Deere sub-compact tractors are an easy an affordable choice for both new and seasoned operators alike. 

Featuring 4WD and attachment friendly options like AutoConnect™ mid-mount mower decks and Quik-Park™ loaders, these tractors are designed to help you work smarter, not harder.  

Mower deck options for John Deere 1023E, and 1025R include two cutting widths (54 and 60 inches) and two options for mower deck thickness (10 gauge and 7 gauge). They’re all built with John Deere AutoConnect™ technology, allowing the operator to drive over the deck to automatically connect the mower deck and drive shaft and release the latches to disconnect with ease.  

They also boast three blades, and all come with optional mulching kits, ready to transform your compact utility tractor into a mean, green, grass-cutting machine. 

The mid-mount mower deck models are compatible with compact utility tractors built before May 2020 or model year 17, as well as the model year 20 1025R tractors. 

2 Series and 3 Series Mower Deck Options 

When it comes to the middle children of the Compact Utility Tractor family, the 2 Series and 3 Series compact utility tractor is where you want to be.  

These ultimate miniature landscapers know mowing lawns should be easy, so John Deere made it easy.  

Featuring the easy-to-attach and detach AutoConnect™ mid-mount mower deck, these precision cutters are where it’s at when it comes to keeping your lawn in tip-top shape. The basic-level 2 series compact utility tractor comes standard with the 54-inch deck, while the premium package features the big 60D, for model year 2017 and newer 2025R, 2032R, and 2038R tractors, or the 72D drive-over mower deck for model year 2017 and newer 2032R and 2038R tractors. The 3 series compact utility tractor features the 60D or 72D drive-over mower deck for model year 2017 and newer 3033R, 3039R, and 3046R compact utility tractors, to cut grass down to size. 

These decks are available with optional mulching kit and all have a cut height of 1 to 4 inches.  

And Don’t Forget About Load-N-Go™! 

The optional add-on Load-n-Go™ system is available for 1 and 2 series compact  tractors with 60-inch mowing decks. This drive-over system allows the operator to remove the mower deck from the tractor and easily attach it to the loader arms — giving the operator the ability to raise the deck for easy maintenance. 

The John Deere Load-N-Go™ attachment is available for 1 series and model year 17 and newer 2025R compact utility tractors with 7-Iron™ AutoConnect™ 60D mower decks. The Load-N-Go™ adds value to AutoConnect™ mower decks by simplifying the process of moving the deck once it's been removed from the tractor. It’s installed in place of the existing drive-over ramps and allows the tractor's loader to pick up and transfer the mower deck. When used in conjunction with jack stands, it also provides a convenient way to reach the underneath of the mower deck for cleaning, removing blades, and other maintenance without risking harming the anti-scalp wheels. Now it'll be a lot easier to pull that deck out of the center of the garage floor, off the driveway, or just out of the way. 

If you’re looking to level-up your compact utility tractor, visit your nearest RDO Equipment Co. location and speak with an account manager to get your tractor ready to mow. 

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