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Kim Kruckenberg Retires from RDO Equipment Co.

Kim Kruckenberg Retires from RDO Equipment Co.

15 Jul 2021

Kim Kruckenberg, Service Technician at the RDO Equipment Co. Lawn & Land store in Bismarck, ND retired in late June after 34 years in the industry.

Kim began as a Service Technician in 1987. He held various roles over the years, including Shop Foreman and Service Manager before returning to the Service Technician role, specializing in small engines and the Consumer Products line of equipment.

To find success with different roles, products, and industry change throughout his career, Kim credited continual training opportunities and resources, along with an ever-present willingness to learn new things.

“I’ve had a ton of training and access to knowledgeable people who I’ve been able to learn from to perform my duties,” he said. “That’s the only way to stay on top of things in this industry. Without it, you’d be lost in short order.”

Working in the service side of the business, Kim said RDO’s Core Value We Do What We Say is one he most easily aligned with, carrying a sense of integrity into his daily work that fit with his own mentality. And from that mentality, he witnessed and contributed to an environment where team members partnered with one another for the common goal of serving customers.

“RDO has a family culture,” he said. “At all the different RDO locations I’ve been to, it seems like there are always good people who are friendly and willing to help.”

Looking ahead, Kim said he plans to simply relax for the first few months of his retirement, doing some fishing and taking care of tasks around home. Beyond that, he plans to stay busy in one way or another and knows plenty of farmers who have invited him to help out should he ever feel bored.


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