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Phil Morris Embraces 20 Years of New Challenges as a Service Technician

Phil Morris Embraces 20 Years of New Challenges as a Service Technician

7 Mar 2022

Twenty years into his career as a Service Technician, what draws Phil Morris to the job each day is what drew him in the very beginning: the variety of challenges and the impact solving those challenges has for customers.

As a Field Service Technician at RDO Equipment Co. in Kalispell, MT, and a problem-solver by trade, Phil goes to work every day ready to diagnose a new and complex issue.

“My biggest thing with this career, in general, is the variety. That is kind of a Western Montana thing, I suppose, because we don’t have the same type of tractor in the shop all the time. That keeps it interesting and presents new challenges, too,” he said. “Plus, the way technology changes constantly, that always keeps things different and fresh.”

That variety and openness to new challenges is what has helped Phil build a solid customer base over the last two decades. Throughout his career, he’s worked for three different dealerships in Western Montana. However, he has been able to carryover customers to all three dealerships, which is an accomplishment in its own right.

“Being in the field, I think you get to develop more personal, one-on-one relationships with customers versus someone who might be going through a shop manager,” he said about his relationship with his customers. “I feel that I am a lot closer to my customers as a result of that, because I get to go out to their places and meet them where they are.”

With that mindset, it comes as no surprise that Phil closely identifies with RDO’s Core Value, Build Customers for Life. In fact, it is a principle he has made the backbone of his entire career in the industry, regardless of the logo on his uniform or the name on his service truck.

“That value went in hand-in-hand with me when we became part of RDO. I did already have established relationships with customers who followed me to RDO, too. That is something I have always felt is important,” he said.

As much as he enjoys the ever-changing industry, Phil iterates the importance of staying up to speed, offering advice to those looking to get into the field.

“Learn the books,” he said. “This industry is changing so fast and is so complicated that you don’t know equipment as you used to in some ways. But you need to know all that information and how to fix problems that arise.”

Looking ahead, Phil is ready to continue welcoming new challenges, due in part to the commitment he sees in the team around him and the resources RDO provides to get the job done well.

“It’s really nice to have that support network surrounding you,” he said.


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