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RDO Team Members Detail How Growth Increases Support and Service to Contractors and Operators

22 May 2023 Read time: 3 min

Montana’s Department of Labor and Industry highlights the state as a national leader in employment growth in the construction sector, growing 12.3% since 2020. Driven by passionate, innovative people, the construction industry continues to develop vital infrastructure projects like roads, bridges and more. We find five RDO Equipment Co. Team members who provide support and service to contractors and operators as the construction industry grows in then the treasure state.

1. Jay Mercer Shares RDO's Dynamic Team of Construction Technologists' Story 

Nearly 15 years ago, RDO Equipment Co.’s General Manager of Technology Support Jay Mercer joined team members driven by a desire to take stuff apart, put it back together and engineer how construction equipment and technology work best. Today, he takes us behind the scenes at the RDO Integrated Controls and shares how his team formulates solutions for contractors’ challenges.

Go behind the scenes at RDO Integrated Controls’ (RDOIC) Solutions Center with Jay.

2. Former Field Technician Matt Strock Shares How He Transitioned to Training Other Industry Leaders

15 years ago, Matt Strock began his career at RDO Equipment Co. keeping heavy equipment up and running all over the state. His passion for construction technology grew, including GPS positioning systems like Topcon. A couple of years ago, he discovered a way to set down his wrench, pick up tools to teach what he’s learned in the field and innovate with team members and Montana heavy equipment operators. 

Watch Strock solve customers’ challenges at RDO’s Solutions Center.

3. Aftermarket Manager Shares His Passion for Service 

Ryan Hutchison was always interested in machinery. An interest, it seems, that runs in the family. His little brother Rob first started working in RDO Integrated Controls’ repair shop in Billings, Montana.

See Hutchinson’s story of growth within RDO. 

4. Equipment Technology Support Supervisor Shares How He Supports Operators 

“I went to school and earned an agriculture degree,” says John Robertson Technology Support Specialist Supervisor. But he realized that this didn’t quite fit, so he made a move. Now, he’s growing his career in equipment technology.

Check out Roberston’s story to learn how he transitioned from agriculture to construction equipment and hear what this career move means. 

5. Construction Technology Expert Explains How His Team Builds a Knowledge Base 

Technology Solutions Supervisor Jake Michels keeps his finger on construction technology’s pulse. Watch as he and other technology experts are at work in RDO Equipment Co.’s Solutions Center helping operators across the nation to keep equipment up and running. 

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