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Riverside and Lakeside Team Up for Unique Loader

Riverside and Lakeside Team Up for Unique Loader

22 Jan 2019 Read time: 2 min

Part of the strength of RDO Equipment Co. comes from its network of shared skills, knowledge, and expertise—if an exact customer request can’t be fully met in a single store, there’s a good chance that another in the region will be able to help. Such was the case with a recent special request for a loader purchased at the Riverside location.

The customer was All American Asphalt, a big name in the Southern California construction industry.

“They’re pretty recognizable in the area,” said Eric Gfeller, Sales Professional. True to their name, the All American Asphalt fleet sports a characteristic red, white, and blue color scheme. When they approached RDO Equipment Co. about a new 944K loader, there was no exception—it needed to be white.

Getting a loader in white from the manufacturer was out of the question, so the task of swapping colors was on the RDO Equipment Co. team. Fortunately, the Lakeside location, about 100 miles down the road, was able to assist.

Equipped with a large paint booth, the Lakeside store is capable of performing paint jobs on a large variety of vehicles and equipment. Paul Valderrama, Preventive Maintenance Technician, serves as the in-house painter, handling aesthetic paint requests or applying rust-resistant coatings for exterior protection.

From there, it was a matter of logistics, getting the loader to Lakeside, where it was turned from yellow to white, and finally delivering it to the customer in Corona. It was a proud new addition to the distinctive All American Asphalt fleet, the result of a multi-store collaborative effort to let no customer request go unfulfilled.

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