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Roadbuilders' Quick Guide to Crushers

Roadbuilders' Quick Guide to Crushers

15 Feb 2024 Author: Dennis Howard Read time: 4 min

While working with roadbuilders, I've met many talented operators who use Crushers to increase Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA) materials to reduce inputs and increase sustainability. When roadbuilders purchase a Crusher, they increase their access to recyclable materials, but choosing the right one can be tricky. The right machine will depend on the roadbuilder project’s needs, use frequency and material type the Crusher will break down. Roadbuilders can make a smart investment by considering a specific Crusher model’s adaptability, efficiency and reliability alongside the project’s needs. Let’s look at how those factors can help guide the selection of the right Crusher. Roadbuilding projects have varying requirements, such as tight timelines, regular reporting progress, or several materials used by third-party parties. However, the project's profitability may not justify a significant investment in equipment, so a roadbuilder should consider the reliability of a specific crusher model. Roadbuilders can take advantage of opportunities in the aggregate market through a few different options of equipment or technology that can solve challenges.

Need to Increase Recyclable Materials? Consider Kleemann Crushers 

Roadbuilders in the United States are currently facing an unstable market, with material costs predicted to increase by 6% in 2024, according to Ken Simonson, Chief Economist of the Association of General Contractors. Many roadbuilders ask their trusted partner about Kleemann's Mobile Crushers. Kleemann's Mobile Crushers have tracks for easy mobility and flexibility for on-site crushing applications and come in Jaw or Cone Crusher Models.

The choice between the Jaw and Cone Crusher depends on the roadbuilding engineer's plan and the available raw materials such as milled asphalt, old concrete, excavated dirt or rocks. The engineer's project plan dictates the recyclable materials' density and uniformity. A roadbuilder will take this plan and examine the available materials and their costs before choosing what will work best. Kleeman's Mobile Jaw Crusher works for most materials, while its Mobile Cone Crusher breaks down medium to hard or abrasive natural rock.

Andy Nichols, RDO's Wirtgen Product Manager based in Utah with decades of experience, also highlights Kleemann's diesel-electric drive system for crushers.

"In my experience, operators can save up to 50% on fuel with Kleemann crushers over competitive machines," he said. "In addition, our larger customers are more interested in Kleemann Crushers because the recycling and reuse of materials onsite cuts down on overall carbon footprint"

Kleemann combines a diesel engine with an electric generator to optimize fuel consumption by allowing the machine to operate on electric power during non-demanding tasks, like when the Mobile Crusher is moving in its "crusher direct drive" powered by the onboard generator. Additionally, the diesel-electric engineer provides the power to do the hard work of breaking down materials and for easy transportation and operation in areas with limited electrical power. 

Tight Timeline? Try a Crusher Combined with a Spreader 

Some manufacturers have developed a Gyratory Crusher combined with a Spreader to perform multiple operations in one pass, like Wirtgen’s WR240i. Defined by Wirtgen as a wheeled soil stabilizer, the WR240i Rock Crusher can crush, mix concrete and spread in one pass. This Crusher compacts processes and homogenizes stoney or concrete fragments. Operators easily adjust the WRC's calibration to achieve the crushed material's desired grain size, and consistently complete passes to crush, mix and spread concrete. According to Wirtgen, this Rock Crusher can produce 600 tons of homogenous mix an hour with its working width of 91 inches and 10-inch working depth.

Require Reliable Precision? Choose a Telematics System 

Some Crushers can collect data through aftermarket software solutions. Although different models will require a specific software solution to access relevant data.

For roadbuilders who choose to use a Kleemann or Wirtgen model, most Crushers come equipped with a telematics solution, SPECTIVE CONNECT. A telematics system like SPECTIVE CONNECT allows operators to access speed info, consumption values and fill levels from their tablets or smartphones. SPECTIVE CONNECT also offers detailed troubleshooting aids to assist with service and maintenance. Operators can also set up a fully automatic gap adjustment to zero-point determination, which sets the Crusher's concave or mantle. This automatic setting enhances performance and prevents unnecessary wear by maintaining the minimum distance between the Crusher's two compaction components.

Roadbuilders can access aftermarket software support through RDO Solutions Center. By finding a trusted partner, roadbuilders can access 24/7 expertise through phone and online support.

Crushers will only become more popular in the next five years as sustainable building becomes more emphasized across the U.S. Consider visiting with a trusted partner to learn more about Crusher equipment or technology. To see more information about road and bridge projects, check out the Department of Transportation’s Notice of Funding Opportunities on their website.

Dennis Howard

Dennis Howard has more than 25 years of experience with RDO Equipment Co. As a Senior Vice President of the Construction Equipment division, he focuses on all aspects of the company’s fleet management efforts. Used construction equipment values and heavy equipment sales are two of his key areas of expertise. Dennis is a member of the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP), a regular contributor to and host of The Track, a web series from RDO. Subscribe to The Track on YouTube or connect with Dennis personally on LinkedIn.

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