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The Best Way to Sell Used Equipment Begins with the Right Buyer: Your Equipment Dealer

The Best Way to Sell Used Equipment Begins with the Right Buyer: Your Equipment Dealer

15 Feb 2022 Author: Dennis Howard Read time: 4 min

The 2022 used equipment market is hot and showing no signs of cooling. The demand for quality pre-owned equipment is strong, with dozers, excavators, and loaders the top three most sought-after machines in the market. Companies and individuals looking to sell equipment this year are in prime position to move machines quickly and get a good price.

The big question though is what is the best way to sell used equipment? Every seller wants a buyer that is easy to work with, trustworthy, and won’t back out of the sale. Consider an avenue that may not have been the first one to come to mind: a dealer partner, like RDO Equipment Co.

Do you have machines you are ready to sell now? Get started and learn more about RDO’s process for used equipment sellers.

If you are looking to move machines out of your fleet, the RDO team can be a great partner in the process. Here are five reasons why working with RDO is the best way to sell used equipment.

1. Sell to a trustworthy buyer
With such high demand for used equipment, it may seem easy. Multiple buyers, choose the best offer, done. Not quite.

It takes a lot of time and communication to manage equipment buyers, especially in an online world. Sure, people are accustomed to virtual buying but equipment buyers are not spending $30 on a coffee table. They are making a big investment and will want more info. Many will ask a lot of questions. Some may even negotiate a few times.

At the end of the process, there’s the added step of ensuring a timely payment, which assumes financing or loans are already in place. If that piece is not shored up, it can delay the process or even force the seller to move on. Then the final step is securing the payment and guaranteeing its authenticity. Buyers can fall through last-minute even when selling at auction, leaving the seller to start over on the entire process.

RDO is a reliable partner for buying used equipment. The team is made up of professionals, people who understand the equipment and market. This isn’t our side hustle and this isn’t something we are just getting into now. This is our business and one we have been in for decades. When a sale is agreed upon by both parties, rest assured that RDO will not go back on it.

2. No added advertising time and costs
Even with a hot used equipment market, machines are not going to sell themselves. Whether placing classified ads or providing detailed photos and info on Facebook Marketplace, sellers have to market equipment to connect with a buyer.

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Working with RDO takes out the time and cost associated with advertising and marketing equipment. There are no costs to sell equipment, not even a commission fee. All it takes to get started is providing a few basic details about you and your machine.

3. Get a guaranteed price for a used machine
Selling to a private buyer or even through an auction comes with risk. A buyer can lower their offer at the eleventh hour. A machine may not fetch the seller’s expected price.

Selling to RDO means a fair, competitive price for the machine. The quoting process begins with the seller’s honest representation of the machine. Beyond the initial details provided, all equipment for sale is inspected. Once a machine’s condition is confirmed and a price is quoted and agreed upon, the RDO team keeps its word and will honor the price. 

4. Sell used equipment in any condition
Used equipment is not perfect. It will have some wear and tear, whether small issues that are no worries or larger problems that would need to be addressed. Working with RDO offers advantages to sellers who have condition concerns about their machines.

All equipment is inspected by an expert team and any repairs and associated costs are done in-house by skilled, certified technicians. This gives RDO an accurate and fair perspective on the cost of any reconditioning. Other buyers may overestimate the cost of repairs or pass on the option to buy the machine altogether.

The undercarriage is one of the most important areas that will be inspected. Watch to learn what the RDO team looks for in an undercarriage inspection.

5. Establish and build a relationship
This machine sale likely won’t be the last equipment-related transaction you make this year – or even this month. There will be additional machines and parts needed. Don’t forget about basic maintenance and more in-depth technology service.

Working with an equipment dealer on a used machine sale opens the door to a new, mutually-beneficial relationship or can deepen the trust and loyalty of an existing partnership. A dealer is a great partner to have for the short-term benefits of a sale, as well as looking at the long-term.

For fleet managers considering selling equipment, this year may be the best time to do it. If you have used equipment for sale, the RDO team is ready to ensure the process is secure and smooth for all sellers.


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Learn more about all parts, service, and technology support from RDO by contacting your local RDO Equipment Co. store

Dennis Howard

Dennis Howard has more than 25 years of experience with RDO Equipment Co. As a Senior Vice President of the Construction Equipment division, he focuses on all aspects of the company’s fleet management efforts. Used construction equipment values and heavy equipment sales are two of his key areas of expertise. Dennis is a member of the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP), a regular contributor to and host of The Track, a web series from RDO. Subscribe to The Track on YouTube or connect with Dennis personally on LinkedIn.

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