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The Human Side of Working on Machines: Brian Loewen Marks 25 Years of Service

The Human Side of Working on Machines: Brian Loewen Marks 25 Years of Service

25 Feb 2022

Partnership, transparency, and the relationships that are built because of them are a big part of what keeps Brian Loewen, Service Technician at RDO Equipment Co. in Breckenridge, MN, excited about his work 25 years into his career.

In fact, his career began thanks to a relationship. While working as a Service Technician at a different shop 25 years ago, Brian was friends with the Service Manager at what would later become the RDO store in Breckenridge. That Service Manager swayed Brian to take an interview with the shop. As Brian puts it, “the rest is history.”

 In summarizing what’s made his career worthwhile, Brian describes a team environment where he’s been able to work hard and be recognized for it.

“My dad always taught me to prove yourself and you’ll be rewarded for it,” he said. “RDO is a company that has offered that for me. There’s a sense of gratitude and opportunities to advance yourself, and that drives me to stay here.”

At the heart of that hard work are the customers he serves, and Brian holds those relationships as a point of pride.

“I’ve been here long enough to where most of the customers know me and I know them. I think it’s incredibly gratifying to have a customer come in with a piece of equipment and ask for me to specifically work on it. That’s a big deal,” he said.

In part, this has helped guide Brian to success throughout his career. That, and the fact that he so easily identifies with RDO’s Core Value, “We Do What We Say.”

“Time and time again we do what we say. We’re only human and we all will make mistakes. What’s important is when we do make a mistake, we fix it. Helping customers in this way, always doing what we say, is a huge point of pride for me,” he said.

Throughout all those moments and customer relationships, at a fundamental level, Brian continues to have a passion for what drew him to this job in the first place: working with his hands to solve problems.

“I have always enjoyed fixing things with my hands and getting machines up and running. I don’t think anyone in this field would tell you anything different,” he said. “Being presented with those challenges and seeing things through to the end is very gratifying.”

For new RDO team members, Brian leaves a piece of positive motivation: “Give it all you got. When you put your all into something, RDO sees that and rewards you for it. That has been my driving force,” he said.


We are successful because of our people. Read more about our team members and visit RDO Careers to learn about joining our team.

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