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Three Reasons to Add Vermeer’s Compact Articulated Loaders to Your Equipment Fleet

Three Reasons to Add Vermeer’s Compact Articulated Loaders to Your Equipment Fleet

17 Jul 2023 Author: Mark Rieckhoff Read time: 3 min

Designed with power, speed and agility, Vermeer’s Compact Articulated Loaders (ATX) can be a versatile tool for landscapers, farmers or anyone who needs the ability to move large loads without disturbing the ground. Let’s look closer at Vermeer’s ATX and its features. 

After a closer look at the ATX, contractors discovered these reasons to add this machine to their fleet.

1. ATX’s Power Plus Low Ground Pressure  

Contractors say the ATX models have lower turf disruption but higher load capacities. They say their increased lifting capabilities and a telescopic boom is a game-changer for tree work.

Each machine has its own set of features that aid in different conditions and job sites. If you are looking for a ride-on machine that offers a very compact footprint with superior lift and dump heights, then the ATX product line is something you should have at the top of your list to add to your equipment fleet.

2. Operators Improved Experience  

Many contractors use ATX models to efficiently complete tasks, even with newer, less experienced operators. Vermeer's product line has a standard, full-time 4-wheel drive system. Hydrostatic motors are found at each machine wheel, increasing traction and providing less ground disturbance when turning.

 All ATX models come standard with a dynamic blocking system (DBS), which reduces wheel slippage. The DBS works as a differential lock and provides oil flow to both sides of the machine when slipping occurs. This prevents the wheels from tearing up turf or fields where the plants need protection. It also adds traction to the wheels for wet ground.

The forward-sitting articulated design has been in place for numerous years in Europe and is very popular with operators. This trend is similar to the growing popularity of mini skid steers in the USA. This design always keeps the operator in line with the boom with a direct line of sight to the attachment.

Operators say ATX's different cab options increases their comfort. The ATX530s and 720s are heated and the ATX850 and 960 models come with heat and air conditioning. Next, operators and contractors highlight ATX is easy to maintain. Watch the video to learn more.

3. Grow Capabilities with Attachments

The ATX 850 line has four different options for attachment mounting plates. The ATX530 and ATX960 come standard with a mini skid steer mounting plate. The ATX850 comes standard with a full-size skid loader mounting plate. We can offer any of the models with either system to match your needs. A CALA (compact articulated loader attachment) mounting plate will work with attachments. These unique designs will not work with standard US designs. RDO can provide the CALA plate or an adapter plate to convert attachments back and forth between different vendors.

In addition to the various attachments, affordable lease options and low-interest financing are available this summer. Click here to learn more about this limited-time offer.

Another benefit, Vermeer offers an extended two-year warranty on all models. With this extended warranty, customers can have peace of mind, knowing that service and support can address unexpected repairs or malfunctions. 

When you need a compact but mighty machine to perform several types of tasks, consider Vermeer’s ATX.

Mark Rieckhoff

With nearly 30 years in the industry, Regional Sales Manager for the Vermeer division of RDO Equipment Co. Mark Rieckhoff loves the opportunity to understand how the right equipment works on various job sites. Passionate about Vermeer’s diverse product line, Rieckhoff keeps contractors up and running by working with his team to provide effective service and support. Rieckhoff lives with his wife and kids in Minnesota and works at RDO Equipment Co. in Burnsville.

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