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Vermeer ATX Compact Articulated Loaders: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

Vermeer ATX Compact Articulated Loaders: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

20 Oct 2021 Read time: 6 min

You’ve heard about them. Maybe you’ve seen them in action. You might even be interested in adding one to your fleet. Vermeer’s new ATX Compact Articulated Loaders are an exciting new machine creating a lot of buzz. These mini compact loaders are designed with versatility and maneuverability in mind.

Because they are the new kid on the block, many people have questions about these compact loaders, everything from what types of tasks can the ATX do to why should I choose the ATX instead of a skid steer or other proven machine.

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions about the ATX. This helpful FAQ dives deep on the Vermeer ATX and will help you decide if this new machine is the right fit for your operation.


Q: Why would I consider buying a compact articulated loader over a mini or full-size skid steer?
A: Each machine has its own set of features that aid in different conditions and jobsites. If you are looking for a ride-on machine that offers a very compact footprint with superior lift and dump heights, then the ATX product line is something you should have at the top of your list to add to your equipment fleet.

In addition, these machines pack a punch when it comes to lift to weight ratio. They are designed for minimal turf disturbance and offer a variety of options to increase your productivity on the jobsite.

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Q: Can it plow snow?A: Yes, the ATX is a versatile machine with many attachments available – from landscaping work in the spring and summer to snow removal in the winter. The team at RDO can help you find the right attachment to do the job you need.


Q: Does it have a diesel engine?
A: Yes, all ATX models come equipped with a diesel engine. The ATX530 and ATX720 are powered by a Kubota D1305 diesel engine providing 25HP to the machine while the ATX850 has a 57HP Kohler KDI1903 diesel engine.


Q: Is the ATX series of tractors 2WD or 4WD?A: The ATX product line is equipped with a standard, full-time 4-wheel drive system. Hydrostatic motors are found at each wheel of the machine, aiding in increased traction and less ground disturbance when turning.


Q: What about a locking differential needed for increased power in tougher digging conditions or softer terrain?
A: All ATX models come standard with a dynamic blocking system (DBS). The DBS works as a differential lock and provides oil flow to both sides of the machine when slipping occurs.


Q: What are the attachment pivot point dimensions?A: With the boom extended to full reach and height, the pivot points are 108.3, 114.0 and 117.3 inches respectively on the ATX530, 720, and 850.


Q: Is the telescoping boom an expensive option and how far is the extension able to reach?
A: First, the telescopic boom is included as a standard option on all ATX models so there are no hidden extra costs to get this great feature on any of our ATX models. The extension adds a reach of 35.4 inches on the ATX530 and 46.6 inches on the ATX720 and 850 models (measurements taken with boom horizontal).


Q: You mentioned options. What are the base standard features and what can I add on if I wanted to?
A: Great question with two answers.

Let’s cover options first.  

Cab versus rollover protective structure (ROPS) is your first choice to consider. Turf, tractor, or skid tires come next. A heating system can be added to either the Cab or ROPS equipped machine. From there, we now get into a multitude of convenience options such as working lights, mirrors, block heater, additional front, and rear hydraulics, floating boom valve, torque divider, weight kits, bull bars, and electrical outlets. On the ROPS machines, you have an option to add front and side plexiglass windscreens if you wish.

Standard features include a single multi-function joystick, telescoping boom with a self-leveling attachment valve, and dynamic blocking system (similar to a differential valve) powered by a diesel engine with an industry-leading warranty.

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Q: Is the warranty on the ATX models the same as the rest of the Vermeer products?
A: The ATX line comes with a standard two-year or 1000-hour machine warranty. The hydraulic pumps and wheel drive motors are covered for a total of 36 months or 1000 hours from the initial date of purchase, whichever occurs first. RDO does provide extended warranty packages and planned maintenance agreements to fit your operating needs. The engine is warranted itself through Kubota or Kohler.

Q: Why a front seat articulated design? That seems pretty dated compared to other models on the market.A: The forward sitting articulated design was made with the operator in mind. This design has been in place for numerous years in Europe and is very popular, similar to the growing popularity of mini skid steers in the USA. This design always keeps the operator in line with the boom with a direct line of sight to the attachment.


Q: What are the tipping loads of the models?
A: There are two different types of published lift capacities: Rated Operating Capacity and Tipping Capacity. And then those two are broken down for weights when the machine is completely in line with itself as well as when it is fully articulated. The following numbers are listed as tip capacity followed by rated operating capacity in the straight-line configuration:

  1. ATX530:       1865/1492 pounds
  2. ATX720:       2694/2155 pounds
  3. ATX850        3177/2542 pounds


Q: I have attachments from another supplier, will they work with the ATX, or do I need to switch them over as well?A: The ATX line has three different options for attachment mounting plates. The ATX530 and ATX720 come standard with a mini skid steer mounting plate. The ATX850 comes standard with a full-size skid loader mounting plate. We can offer any of the models with either system to match your needs. We also have a CALA (compact articulated loader attachment) mounting plate that will work with attachments sourced through Multi-One. These are a unique design that will not work with common US designs. We can provide the CALA plate or an adapter plate to convert attachments back and forth between different vendors.


Q: Where can I get one?
A: RDO Equipment Co. offers the ATX at locations in California, Oregon, -, North Dakota, Minnesota, and in select neighboring counties in Nevada and Wisconsin.  Contact us to learn more about pricing, to request a demo, or to speak to one of our team members about the Vermeer ATX. (I’d link to the landing page here).


About the Author
Mark Rieckhoff is Regional Sales Manager for Vermeer at RDO Equipment Co. in Burnsville, MN.

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